BOOM! : Late Night Legacy ‘Beat Up’

Excusing swagger and raw energy as standard, Leeds quartet Late Night Legacy are certainly making a name for themselves with their distinctive brand of high energy rock/funk. Their winning performance at Battle of the Bands propelled them into an extraordinary position of performing for VIPs before Duran Duran at Leeds First Direct Arena. And this is only one step in their incredible musical journey so far.

GIGsoup’s Evie Myers caught up with vocalist Ryan Kitto to discuss their latest single and video for ‘Beat Up’, their plans for 2018 and their urgent plea for people to tear their eyes away from cat videos for one second, and get out into the world and experience music for real.

Can you tell us a little about the Late Night Legacy journey, and how this vision came to be?

I actually applied to be in Rob and Josh’s old band via an add on Gumtree. We found Kyle later going crazy on a stairway doing a slap-bass solo at a house party and had to ask him if he fancied joining us. I think we all found everything we were looking for in Late Night Legacy, passion, drive and serious commitment to writing songs we’d be proud to play, but the lads are also all such incredible, fun people to be around, it never feels like work. It’s just a constant laugh and energy rush on-stage.

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Describe your sound, but so that it would fit on a bus ad?


Is there anyone you’re excited by in the music world at the moment?

Absolutely, Me and Rob went to see Don Broco last week and they were unreal! I’ve been a fan of these lads for a long time but they sure can get a Leeds crowd going mental! I also really like what The Hunna are doing at the minute. The underground scene is also HUGE right now, I think there’s about to be an eruption of unsigned UK rock bands breaking through in a big way, much like the Seattle Grunge scene in the 90’s. We just need to get everyone going to watch grassroots live music again before they go out on the lash! Don’t sit at home with a few cans scrolling through YouTube. Get out and lift a lead singer above your head, catch a free T-shirt and have a real life experience!

Taking a moment to look at ‘Beat Up’, it has quite an upbeat and infectious charm to it, can you give us a little insight into this track? Any secrets about it we should know about it?

Well, in total honesty… Lyrically, the writing came from a big angry memory of my own. I was jumped on on a night out in my hometown and luckily came off alright in the situation but I guess it’s a big powerful scream in the face of adversity and to anyone who doubts you or tries to stop you from being whoever you want to be. Keep moving forward and believe in yourself.

The video has a quite a personal touch to it, which makes it utterly charming: how did this come together?

Wow, thank you very much! It was filmed over our 2017 UK festival tour and we have our guitarist Rob’s editing skills to thank for that and of-course our very own G-Man who comes to every show without fail and always has the camera pointing in the right direction! Also Declan Creffield our superstar photographer, he shot a lot of the gritty darker scenes. Without those three, there’d be no video, but of course a lot of it is just us messing around throwing axes, downing pints and riding motorbikes backstage!

In the Late Night Legacy camp, how do songs magically come to life? Do you have certain techniques or rituals or a place where the magic happens?

It usually starts in our rehearsal space: The Old Chapel with our guitarist Robert Orange or bassist Kyle Metcalf bringing a catchy riff to the room. Josh will then lay the boppy drumbeat and I tend to just spew out the first melody or even the first thought that comes to my head over that. The lyrics usually come from dark, sad places even for some of our very upbeat happy songs but I think the best always do don’t they?

In such turbulent and testing times we seem to be existing in at the moment, what place do you think music has in the average person’s life?

Music is and always will be absolutely huge to me and a lot of my friends. Everywhere you look: On the commute to work, in the gym, on the escalator people are plugged in. I only hope they’re listening to Spotify or SoundCloud or iTunes and not watching cute bunny videos on Facebook. Fingers crossed, with the rise of platforms like Spotify, bands like us will be heard by the masses!

What does the rest of your 2018 look like, can we get a sneak peek of what’s to come?

It looks incredible from where we’re sitting, we have so many huge festivals, tours, new music videos and new tracks to announce and release over the next few months! I can’t wait for you all to hear them. I can’t actually release too much at the moment but I can say we are playing Kendal Calling alongside the likes of Catfish & The Bottlemen, The Libertines & Run DMC. There may also be a UK tour on the cards with a very popular UK female fronted Rock band. Also we asked our fans to vote for our next release to be either heavier than ‘Beat Up’, or to see our softer side: they chose the latter. But that’s all you’re getting or I may get into trouble with the lads!