We’re big fans of Kensters Get Inuit at GIGsoup so we really needed no excuse to promote their wonderful blend of surf inspired pop music. As they prepare to play this years Reading Festival (an undertake a mammoth UK tour) we thought we’d bring the band to the attention our GIGsoup audience once more and also make ‘Teriyaki’ the Track of the Day.

So, your single ‘Teriyaki’ features a really fun indie, boppy chorus, driving guitars and a great beat. How have you arrived at your sound?

I’m not even sure it’s a sound that we’ve arrived at – it’s always been there from the beginning but “Teriyaki” amplifies all of those strengths we have in such a direct way. It was like we were banging our collective head against a brick wall until we made woozy mess, only to realise the window was open the whole time.

There seems to be a kind of ‘Kent boom’ going on at the moment. Along with Get Inuit, there’s loads of other bands coming out of the region like The Bay Rays, Slaves etc. What’s going on, is there something in the water?

I think there truly is something in the water, it’s such a huge county that it’s hard to bring every town together but we managed to do alright don’t we? Oh, I’m glad you mentioned The Bay Ray’s, aren’t they just so dreamy? I’ve got a man crush on Will Joseph Cook as well. He’s also from Kent.

As well as your upcoming single release, you’re embarking on a massive national tour with Spring King. What are you doing to prepare yourselves? What is your essential item to get through surviving on the road?

Well I’m a crusader of sorts against all things fun. I’ll be in the hotel room with my trusted set of ear plugs, asking for the lights to be turned off and the jovial nature of conversation to be reduced to a minimum. As for the rest of the band, I can’t really comment on their antics. I’m asleep by 10pm so heaven knows what they get up to.

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Your sound seems to be a mix of indie punk infused with 50s style surf harmonies- how have you arrived at this sound?

I think a major influence on the band are classic guitar / pop bands such as Fleetwood Mac and The Beach Boys, where first and foremost, they created wonderful songs. Pure melodies with overlapping harmonies. It doesn’t matter how heavy or raucous we get, that core always remains.

We hear you have an album in the works too- when can fans expect the release?

Never expect anything from us. We’ll only let you down… I’d say keep your eyes peeled, but that sort of imagery makes my stomach weak.

2016 has been a big year for you- lots of air play on Radio 1, Annie Mac has labelled you as one to watch… What would be the cherry on the cake for you guys? Your ultimate ‘yes’ moment for 2016?

It’s hard to say. If you’d asked us a couple years ago, we would have said things like “to perform a set at Reading Festival” or “to have a song played on BBC Radio 1” and we’ve been extremely lucky to have those things happen. Sometimes, however hard it may be, it’s good to just sit back, look around and appreciate everything that’s happened rather than always wanting more….

…. Or perhaps a Mountain Dew endorsement . I love that liquid like it was my own child

Finally, what a great name for a band- how did you arrive at your excellent moniker?

Oh don’t ask me! It was Oliver (bassist) that came up with it! Something about a pun. I don’t know what goes on in that chasm of a mind he has. The other day he was trying to explain String Theory to me. It went completely over my head! He’s a good lad though. Good at band names. Top bloke.

BOOM! : Get Inuit 'Teriyaki'