Today’s Track of the Day comes from Northamptonshire artist Amaroun. The alt-folk singer-songwriter is beginning to make waves with her heady mix of sound and instrumentation, shaped by her distinctive mix of cultures and upbringing. Drawing from such inspiration fas diverse as Beck and Sharon Van Etten the artist follows previous single ‘Bedbugs’ with her latest release ‘Fear’.

GIGsoup chatted to the artist about the latest single ‘Fear’ and the refusal to be defined or controlled by fears…

Amaroun is such an interesting name, is there any meaning behind it?

In short it’s a name that empowers me.  The meaning is a bridge between ancestery; escaping into independence and French culture where a lot of the first Amaroun songs were created.

Can you give us a little insight as to how the Amaroun journey began?

I have been writing music since for as long as I can remember but this journey stemmed from a change in direction – in life and in song writing. I was just writing differently and felt in a different space. The first ever Amaroun song I haven’t released yet but it’s recorded. It’s called ‘ If This is What You Want’. I was in a transition in my life and that was the song that came out during that change.

In a few words, can you describe the Amaroun style and sound?

I am at a stage in my life where I don’t want to be defined by fears. I believe it’s important to break down walls and that question really freaks me out because I don’t like to be boxed. If I have to I’d say its Dark alternative indie with pop elements. Heck I may break out some hip hop soon. No boxes, no boxes.

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Leading up to the release of “Fear”, Amaroun has embarked upon the “What are you afraid of?” campaign. How did this come about and was it an inspiring experience?

Since ‘Fear’ was about my personal fears, it made me want to think about other people’s fears. I have always been interested in Psychology. That was what I studied at university. I like to analyse situations and people so I wanted to go out and find out what people are afraid of. It’s really interesting to find out the ins and outs of people.  I love asking questions anyway, plus it’s a great way to meet new people.

How important is it to have a sense of identity in the music world? Or is making music that is true to you of greater importance?

Making honest music to me is of most importance. My perceived identity in the music world is defined by that.

What does the rest of 2016 hold for Amaroun? Any new music or exciting gigs?

I am really excited to just keep releasing music throughout this year. 2015 was a really great year, I was writing in France and recording with Kris Harris and Valerie Balligand (the vocalist and Cellist who was in my previous band). It’s just nice to keep sharing what we have done.  There will be lots of gigs in London and you’ll most likely find me gigging a lot in South London. My place of be J. My band and I are only playing one festival this summer in Northampton: my festival Greenstone which I am very excited for. It’s gone from 50 people to 150 and now we’re aiming for 400. The festival is super intimate and just great surroundings, great music and great people. It’s also quite a family affair, with Jamaican BBQ! Wish us luck or better yet, come join us!

You can buy tickets here (

Below you will also find some of Amaroun’s other tour dates.

Upcoming Shows
21st July – Shorditch, Strongrooms Bar
13-14th August – Northampton, Greenstone Festival

This Amaroun article was written by Evie Myers, a GIGsoup contributor.

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