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Sub Pop’s Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires quite simply “rock out” on new single ‘Sweet Disorder!’, taking their crunchy guitar-driven style to a new level. After a hard-hitting intro, the guitar dives straight into a riff that sounds like it was plucked from a late sixties protopunk song, which the band then adds layers to with a pounding rhythm section and nice blues guitar licks. In an almost lo-fi approach to production, Lee Bains’ projected vocals are often tucked somewhat behind the instruments as he sings about a struggling system, throwing common lyrical themes from the initial punk movement at the listener. As mentioned, the song seems to take inspiration from bands that paved the way for the later punk explosion, while maintaining that definitive punk sound, and as the song rolls on and gets more heated, the vocals get very reminiscent of Roger Daltrey and Gerry Roslie. The destructive, distorted guitars really make for an entertaining and attention-grabbing sound, and they produce a very authentic homage.

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The single is backed up by a really sweet rendition of ‘Stars’, originally by the band Primitons, who like the Glory Fires hail from Birmingham, Alabama. The cover is a lot more stripped-back than the original, and a lot more-so than the band’s usual output; with a focus on vocals and acoustic guitar. The addition of this track as a B-Side allows the band to show off two sides of them in a short listen, which makes for a recommended listen at that.

This new single sums up Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires quite well. They’re carrying on a lot of hard rock trends that have been passed down, and they’re doing it well, just like a few Sub Pop bands from the early nineties did, you know the ones. Take a listen!

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BOOM! : Destructive, distorted guitars maketh Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires ‘Sweet Disorder!’

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