Camden Rocks Festival - BOOM! Special : Black Rose Cadillac 'Hey Now'

Camden Rocks Festival – BOOM! Special : Black Rose Cadillac ‘Hey Now’

This year’s Camden Rocks Festival marks its 5th Anniversary and today we have a very special exclusive BOOM! ‘Track of the Day’ from Staffordshire band Black Rose Cadillac, and their new single ‘Hey Now.’ The band have just had the amazing news that they will be playing at Camden Rocks Festival, on the 4th of June after entering an online voting competition and generating thousands of votes. With their attractive rock tones and band appeal they are the perfect fit as one of GIGsoup’s one to watch at the festival this year.

‘Hey Now’ has strong vocals from lead singer Ryan Hulme, with impressive instrumentals from Simon Hawkes and Myles Cooper on guitar, Richard Clark on bass and Ben Kirk on drums. The band describe themselves as a “5 Piece Rock’n’Roll Band, that will leave you wanting more!” 

With a social media following and fan base any rock band would envy Black Rose Cadillac have the perfect mix to take the festival by storm. If you’re visiting NW1 this weekend then check them out at 8pm at The Crowndale

GIGsoup were interested in finding out more about the band before their big debut this weekend….

Black Rose Cadillac – a very interesting name for your band why did you choose it? And what does it represent to you?

We had toyed around with a few names for the band, landing on ones such as ‘Never Say Grace’ – which is what our band page URL on Facebook says, and we are unable to change it to our current name unfortunately as we have changed it too many times already…

The name ‘Black Rose Cadillac’ was originally suggested to us by one of Simon’s work friends. She listened to the DEMO’s of the songs we had written at the time and said that we had “A Dirty Southern Rock Sound”, which is what made the name pop into her head. We thought about calling ourselves ‘Black Rose Cadillacs’, but we decided to keep it as ‘Cadillac’ to suggest only one bad-ass, individual, rather than many.

You guys have a Rock’n’ Roll vibe to your music, is this naturally an area you want to pursue and who are your musical influences?

All of us grew up listening to the old Rock ‘n’ Roll, Classic Rock bands thanks to our parents, and everything that we have all listened to as we grew older has been influenced in some way by that music. We have all individually been in other bands prior to this one, and each of these bands have belonged to a different genre of music, but again we have always taken influence from the greats.

With Black Rose Cadillac, we found ourselves longing to write music that would echo through time, being passed on down through the generations, influencing young aspiring rockers in the same way that we all were by bands such as, ACDC, Guns’n’Roses, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, etc. But as we continue to develop our sound and write new and exciting songs, we find ourselves being influenced by different bands and musicians depending on how we are feeling at the time. For example, the new single we have just finished recording ‘HEY NOW!’ is very heavily influenced by Audioslave, but the solo performed by Myles was influenced by Joe Bonamassa, and in some sections of the song Ryan screams in a way that represents a more Metal side to our band, so we are creating an original sound out of merged influences. Black Rose Cadillac will always be Rock ‘n’ Roll, influenced by all of the Greats, but we will never stick to one genre and we will always be original.

Describe yourselves in 10 words to new fans

Groovy, Heavy and Incredibly Entertaining. You’re Guaranteed to Have Fun! (OR)

5 Piece Rock’n’Roll Band, that will leave you wanting more!

How did you guys meet and how would you describe your musical process?

Simon, Ben and Myles all knew each other from school and college, and they had instantly hit it off, finding common interests in musical preferences among other things. After deciding to start a band together, the lads had a very tough time trying to find a bassist that was going to be a permanent member of the band, so Myles contacted Richard and before they knew it, Black Rose Cadillac was formed. With Simon on rhythm guitar and vocals, Ben on drums, Myles on lead guitar and Richard on bass, the lads started practicing and writing music, but after a while Simon started to lose interest in being a front man, and wanted to focus purely on the guitar. So the lads put out the word that they were in need of a singer for the band, and Ryan responded almost instantly!

After one 4 hour practice session it was a mutual feeling that Ryan was indeed what they were looking for and Black Rose Cadillac’s line-up was complete.
We move as one movement, one entity. If there is a decision to be made, we all make it, and we never do anything if any of us feel uncomfortable about it. We are a family, through and through, and our music is created by each of us connecting to the same wave length and rolling with whatever vibe we feel is present at that moment. This is how it will always be.

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With an industry so competitive with many new bands and artists coming through how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

We believe that we have something different… We have this energy that resonates into the audience and is fed back to us through their reactions. We feed off the crowd and each other when we are performing on stage.

Our music is extremely important to us, and we will always perform it with emotion to provoke feeling and emotion in others.

We know how things work, and we do this because we love it. Our passion and determination is what will drive us to success. Money is something that we honestly don’t care about when it comes to the band, we will play a gig on the other side of the country for no profitable gain just to play in front of a new crowd, and literally just for the fun of it… petrol money is always appreciated though!

‘Hey Now’ is your new single. What is the notion behind the song and what made you pick it as your next single?

This song is the first Original song that we wrote as a five piece band. Ryan wrote the lyrics and we all contributed to the composure of the song. It’s full to the brim of energy with catchy, groovy riffs and soaring choruses, gorgeous lead licks and a brutal finish! This is the song we chose above all others because in our Live shows, it’s the one that gets the best reaction from the people watching. We deliberately play this song last so that it’ll be the one that stays in everybody’s heads!

Plus, there’s something about this song that makes us feel extremely excited… there’s this gut feeling about this track that we all share and we are in the business of rolling with those awesome gut feelings! So we’ll see what happens…

What are your plans for the rest of 2016? Big events and any plans for festivals, gigs etc?

Our plans are to literally play as many shows as possible to as many people as possible! We have a few shows lined up already, we’re playing The Rainbow in Birmingham on the 13th May, then the very next day we are playing in Cheadle. A week later we will be Headlining the Rockit Bar in Tamworth, then Headlining the O2 Academy 3 in Birmingham on the 27th May, we’ll be sorting out a show in Stafford at the Grapes Music Bar, and we are trying to get ourselves on some Festivals this summer also!

We recently entered into an online voting based competition to play Camden Rocks Festival 2016, got shortlisted into the final 50 out of over 20,000 bands, and we were successful in gaining a spot at this year’s festival! Which is incredible so thank you to everyone who voted for us, it seriously meant the world to us. We have so much love for you all, we hope to see you at our shows soon!

If anybody reading this wants to put us on a show, or a festival.. or sign us… then definitely get in touch haha!

Black Rose Cadillac will be performing at 8pm at The Crowndale

There is still time to grab some tickets to this years Camden Rocks Festival –

This Black Rose Cadillac article was written by Sarah Ebockayuk, Track of the Day Editor

Camden Rocks Festival - BOOM! Special : Black Rose Cadillac 'Hey Now'