Smashing onto the Billboard Alternative Chart last year, with the release of their debut track ‘Going the Distance’ Zipper Club are keeping on their promising trajectory with big tours, even bigger festivals and the release of more music.

The band – comprising of Mason James of Cerebal Ballzy, Lissy Trullie of Lissy Trullie and Damar Davis on drums – have plans to keep hopping around the globe headlining some of the biggest festivals in music. Currently stopping in the UK for the Great Escape Festival, the trio will soon be back Stateside for the massive Bonnaroo Festival.

With their discography slowly building, as a constant stream of new synth glory, GIGsoup caught up with bandmate Lissy for a bit of an insight of where Zipper Club have come from, and just where they’re headed.

First of all, congratulations on the release of ‘Breath’. How’s it been since you dropped ‘Going the Distance’ last year?

Thank you for the congrats! It’s been hectic but so much fun. This is what we love to do so we’re all grateful for how busy we are doing it.

How did the band all come together? What’s the history behind Zipper Club?

Mason started the project a while ago and then we met in New York, about a year and a half ago, and decided to collaborate and write the rest of the record. After that, we went on the search for a drummer – that’s when we met Damar in Los Angeles and the trifecta was complete!

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Your debut track reached the top 30 on the Alternative Billboard Chart. How insane is that! What were you feeling at the time?

Pretty much exactly what you just said: “How insane is this!” I don’t think it even occurred to us, both coming from indie backgrounds, that we would be played on mainstream radio. Not to mention “chart” on mainstream radio. The whole thing has just been surreal.

The overall feel of your tracks so far are pretty dreamy. Do you think being in LA influenced your sound?

I think it’s a combination. I live in NYC, Mason and Damar live in LA, and I think that actually comes across in the music. The dreamier synth parts are very LA, but there’s also the gritty guitar. Also the blend of our vocals have that raw, but sweet, thing that NYC is known for. It’s pretty but not too pretty.

You’ve all been involved in different music projects before Zipper Club, do you think you’re bringing elements of each of that to the band – or are you trying to mould something entirely new for you all?

I think we all bring former parts of our other projects, even if it’s unintentional. But the goal isn’t to make something reminiscent of those things, rather, allow the chemistry of our creativity take us where it wants to go.

I’m feeling Depeche Mode level synths at the start of ‘Breath’! Do you have any main inspirations that you think you draw from, either consciously or maybe a little subconsciously?

I LOVE DEPECHE MODE, so thank you for making that comparison! We all have our go-to favorites, but try not to heavily rely on those things. Inspiration, for me, comes from a million different places – that could be synth inspired like Depeche Mode, or something like Tom Tom Club, Micachu and the Shapes, BadBadNotGood, Joy Division, Biggie Smalls, or Wendy Rene. Mason loves New Order, Kraftwerk and The Stone Roses. Damar loves Talk Talk, Cashmere Cat, and Miles Davis.

Coachella, Great Escape and Bonnaroo. A handful of the biggest names in festivals and you’re finding yourself there. Talk just a little about playing to a crowd, and how you’re finding the festival environment?

It’s been incredible! We didn’t expect that we’d be playing festivals like this so soon, so every chance we have to do it has been an honor. The festival environment really changes from place to place, so I don’t think there’s one blanket impression we’ve got yet.

Or is there something about an intimate crowd space that you prefer to the big shows?

Our very first tour was with Tears for Fears so out of the gate we were playing extremely large crowds. I think, although daunting at first sight, it prepared us to be able to put on an actual show rather than just play. So whether it be big crowds or little crowds, we aim to give the same energy and attention. At the end of the day we’re so thankful people are coming to our shows in general!

And finally! What’s next in store for Zipper Club? More touring, more recording? Spill some secrets!

Touring and recording. After The Great Escape we head back to LA for some studio time then out again on tour. So look out for some new releases in the near future!

Breath is out now via Epic Records, a division of Sony Music | Catch Zipper Club at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton

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