Today’s track of the day comes from Liverpool’s Youth Hostel with the bright indie pop gem ‘It’s All in Your Head’.

Following the success of their debut single ‘Out Of My Mouth’, the four-piece have already gained significant traction in the short time they’ve been together and this latest song is sure to bolster their reputation. Boasting a delightfully summery sound, it has all the tropes of a catchy indie banger with its punchy guitars, infectious chorus, northern charm and grin-inducing melodies; not to mention the warm glow of brass thrown in for extra measure. The colourful animated video matches the vibrancy of the song and can be seen above.

With a confident swagger, this is a band who have a real knack for simple guitar pop and catchy choruses. We caught up with them to hear more about the song and their influences.

Can you tell us about new track ‘It’s All In Your Head’?

It’s All In Your Head is an ode to my mate who suffers from anxiety, “it’s all in your head la.”

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What was the inspiration behind the video?

The video was a long bloody process la, well…what happened was, we were playing a show down in London for the Heavenly Social (which was boss by the way!) – and my mate from school showed up – out of the blue – haven’t seen him in ages – but anyway he works in animation in the big smoke – and he was like, “listen..I’ve been working on this animation for ‘It’s All In Your Head..” – and I was like “GO ED LA.” But yeah, it’s boss innit.

Have you found that your sound is developing as you continue to write?

You know what, everything we’re writing at minute is absolute gold, we’re still developing the sound and all that, but yeah going forward it’s all sounding boss.

Liverpool has a great reputation as a music city… Has that influenced you in any way?

Yeah, it’s mad round here, everyone you meet in the pub into is either a musician, a poet, an artist, it’s inspiring la.

How did the band get together?

So, basically, I got off round Europe when I couldn’t get a job, I picked up this mad vintage guitar in Stockholm and wrote a mass of boss tunes on the road with it. Got back and jammed them out with the lids.

Who would you say are your big influences at the moment?

I wouldn’t say we’re influenced by anyone at the minute, most of the bands out there are shite, there is a load of good stuff coming out of Liverpool though, Louis Berry is the man.

What else is in store for the band?

World Domination.BOOM! : Youth Hostel 'It's All In Your Head'

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