BOOM! : Youth Club ‘Are You Wanting It All?’

Youth Club make you want to dance, they sound like the seaside on a sunny day, with their funky indie guitar pop and cheerful cheeky personas. Live they are great fun and hugely energetic, with their latest single out since 17th Feb and the release party scheduled at Camden Assembly on 22nd we bring you Youth Club.

A brief history of Youth Club, personnel and background, previous bands and where you come from? 

We are all from Southend-On-Sea. Youth Club was created from a meeting of little Joe Fran and Singer Gerrard who were at a show (Joe was playing, Gerrard was attending) they hit it off and were looking to both start new projects, Gerrard introduced Joe to Rees and his studio and the rest is history. Danny (Joe’s brother) was introduced to the band a bit later when his touring ended with a artist he was playing sessions for called Ladyhawke and it made sense to add him into the line up. We have all been in many many bands, too many to mention.

You’re a four piece in your promotional activity but a six piece on tour, what’s that about?

The reason for a lack of bass player or even keys or any other additional players is because the band is the four of us we write and play all the instruments on the record and then when it comes to playing live we have wonderful session musicians come in to help us rock the show. We have had some amazing people play for us over the years, currently we have Pete Anderson (from Beach For Tiger, Lydia Kitto) playing bass, he is an amazing funky musician and producer and always a right laugh on the road. On keys we have Lydia Kitto who is amazing singer/songwriter who is all jazzy and vibey and makes your ears tingle, on the road she is one of the lads for sure.

Describe the band in four words and the band members in just one!

Youth Club are: Feel Good Summer Vibes

Joe Fran – Creative

Gerarrd – Machine

Rees – Sensible

Danny – Nocturnal

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Can you explain why Busted have reformed and ripped off your sound?

Haha I (Joe Fran) actually got to meet up with them last week at their Southend show and I DJ’d alongside with Matt Willis and Charlie after at a club night I run, so had the opportunity to speak and catch up with them. They are a really good bunch of lads, and I truly dig the new sound. I get it’s a big change from the old stuff but they are musicians and songwriters at the end of the day and within 10 years your music taste changes. Charlie has a wide range of styles that he likes and I get why they are doing what they are doing. But we have heard that before (that Busted have ripped them off – GIGsoup), honoured to think if they found influence in our sound but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

Why the name ‘Youth Club’? (I posted about you on Facebook and a friend of mine responded with “shit name”)

Your friend has a point, we have all had a hard time naming projects, when you say a word on it’s own it always sounds odd; MUSE; COLDPLAY; GALLOWS. They are just words, so i guess we wanted something fun and that rolled of the tongue well and we liked that it reflects on that ‘feeling young’ side of things, but really don’t like to think of the name as a standalone reason to listen to a band. The music is the key. We don’t set up ping pong tables at our shows and let kids talk about the local community, we play music into your ears and make you have fun and feel good, that’s what our Youth Club is about.

Its often said ” Be good to others on your way up, you may meet them on your way down”, which bands have you worked with who have been noticeably good to you as you start out?

We have been blessed with some really good friends in the industry, I think everyone comes through in different ways and has different stories to help you guide you on your path to bigger and better things. I think we have to shout out Nothing But Thieves and Sam Duckworth (FKA Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly) we catch up all the time being from Southend and I think we all guide and help each other out whenever and wherever we can. The whole Southend scene is so close and thriving right now, couldn’t be more proud of what everyone’s doing.

Equally, which band or bands deserves being nice to because they’re on their way up?

If we have to pick just one, it’s our pals from down the road called COURTS, they just joined our same management and constantly put out music we love, hopefully we can collab for our album. If we can mention more we are also loving HAUS we took them on the road with us and they are just smashing up all the stages they play and starting to drop some really big tunes.

Southend On Sea – Heaven or Hell?

It’s like Hovis Best of Both bread, sometimes its the best time full of the best people and sometimes you take a wrong turn and it can be less enjoyable, but overall best town we could of grown up in to be influenced to do music.

What does 2017 have in store for Youth Club?

We got new singles popping out of every corner. You can’t stop us dropping new music. Which means more touring and festival season. We have a little time off soon as Gerarrd and Rees are both having Youth Club babies (not together, with their partners) so once we have popped them out we will be getting back on the road.

BOOM! : Youth Club 'Are You Wanting It All?'