If you fancy a bit of grit and swagger to your music, today’s Track of the Day from South London newcomers Young Native might just be your cup of tea – or can of Red Stripe.

A speech from David Cameron about cheap booze having damaging affects on the country opens the track, before vocalist Sean Savage takes over; leading us through a council estate story, with fierce and fast-paced lyrics.

The words are spat out with all the venom and passion of a young Jamie T – and all the talent too. But make no mistake: Young Native aren’t a carbon copy of the Wimbledon singer-songwriter; but a fresh, new band with an open, no bullshit approach to their music.

‘Sunset’ is the first taste of Young Native’s debut four-track EP, ‘Consciousness is King,’ which is out on the 8th April.  

You sample a speech by David Cameron at the beginning of ‘Sunset.’ A lot of bands tend to stay out of politics, but would you say you’re happy to get involved?

Not really, that can get real cliché and boring. I used that sample in particular to highlight the blind nature of people in Government. I found it funny how Cameron talks about buying cans of lager for 25p yet nothing gets done about it. Given the song is about silly little reprobates from council estates going out on the ‘lash’ and coming back with nothing but a hangover… It kind of fits!

The track is reminiscent of Jamie T’s sound, especially his earlier music. Would you cite him as an influence?

Sean: I wrote this song a few years ago now, and when I was first starting out Jamie T was definitely an influence – probably too much of an influence. As I’ve got older and the music has grown, I’ve shaped a new sound with the boys, which you will hear some of on ‘Consciousness is King’. There’s no shaking the fact he shaped the style of music I churn out, but our new stuff is definitely more planetary.

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Your debut EP ‘Consciousness is King’ is out on the 8th April, what can we expect from it?

This is our first EP as a band so we’ve gone down the DIY route. Recording in our mate’s shed with analogue equipment and mastering to tape, you can probably expect a slightly gritty/lo-fi sound overall. As for the actual content, a lot of these songs have been floating around for a while. When listening you can probably tell that ‘Villain,’ ‘Jungle,’ and ‘Sunset’ all have something about them that glues them together. Yet ‘Stripes’ is something a bit different, as we said before this is more the direction we’re heading in on the next EP after ‘Consciousness is King’

What has been your biggest achievement as a band so far?

Sean: Not very rock’n’roll but we played a gig at The Dalston Victoria a while back that some of my family came to… My mum’s always known I’ve done music for years but always doubted, then she eventually seen us and we got the seal of approval! That, or getting a publishing deal with Asongs.

And what would you like to achieve in the next few years?

Keep making music that stands the test of time. Too many bands ‘make it’ for a year or so then disappear off the radar.

If you could describe Young Native’s sound in three words, what would they be?

Anthemic, Gritty, Real.

This Young Native article was written by Natalie Whitehouse, a GIGsoup contributor

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