Sounding like a grungy, psychedelic britpop band from the 90s, Wuzi are an exciting new prospect from Yorkshire. Their first single is coming out in march and to mark their ‘Track of the Day’ accolade we spoke to them about their influences and ambitions…

What does Wuzi mean and who are the people involved?

Wuzi is just a name we thought up in about five minutes in a basement. We were sat around the day before our first gig and thought ‘Yeah, we probably need a name for the band’. Someone said ‘Space Coyote’, someone said ‘That’s shit.’ Then someone said ‘Woozy’, and we all said ‘That’ll do’. We changed the spelling to ‘Wuzi’ to avoid confusion with the countless ‘Woozy’ related stuff on the Internet. Although now if you google us you just get loads of information on Chinese military strategy.

As for the people involved, we have Callum on vocals and guitar, Tom on guitar, Arthur on bass and Elliot on drums and vocals. Not to mention our fanbase, all 583 of them. (584 now – GIGsoup)

Where are you based?

We are based in Leeds but hail from Manchester, Liverpool and Stafford.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

People say we sound like the 90’s which is not surprising considering that’s when we all grew up. Callum listens to a lot of Ty Segall and Nirvana which I think can be heard in his vocal melodies and guitar style. Tom is more technical, with a Frusciante twist that adds a really cool aesthetic to the music and Elliot loves the Foo Fighters so lots of sick fills and heavy beats. Arthur poisoned his young brain with pop punk so he has no transferable skills whatsoever.

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Which is the most mental gig you’ve been to or played at?

Arthur – Rage Against the Machine at Finsbury Park 

Callum – Ty Segall & The Muggers at The Brudenell

Elliot – Pendulum and The Prodigy at Sziget Festival

Tom –  Most mental gig we have played was probably our headline slot at The Mod Club in Toronto. Amidst the vomit and diarrhoea there were moments of greatness.

What ambitions do you have for the band?

Our ambitions are pretty simple…we want to release loads of singles, a few albums, tour as much as we can and then find ourselves with no money living in a tent wondering where it all went wrong.

Is XFactor and reality talent programs like it sucking the money out of the music industry?

I think the people who run and own the music industry are the ones sucking all the money out of it, for themselves of course. Obviously stealing music through downloads doesn’t help but that’s just how it is now, everyone including ourselves has done it… it’s impossible to control. However it strikes home when you realise that awesome bands that are huge still don’t make enough money to live on. It seems that taking a risk with a new band or artist is something that isn’t done as much anymore because the certainty of making money isn’t there. Just like the film industry where they will churn out Spiderman 9 or remake one because it is familiar and a profit will definitely be made. Or maybe it’s because they have a lot of fans…who knows, business isn’t our strong point. 

Who’s the nicest headliner you’ve worked with?

Yeah, the guys from Strange Bones are all sound, they loaned us instruments mid set when our broke. We have played with a lot of nice bands who have lent us instruments and stuff because Cal and Tom don’t know how to play without breaking theirs.

Will there ever be massive stars like Bowie, Lemmy, Leonard Cohen again?

If you mean huge successful artists then definitely yeah. They exist now. Rockstars seem to be a dying breed though.

What will Wuzi be doing in 2017?

In 2017 we shall be playing shows all over the country and releasing a steady stream of singles and music videos. Starting with ‘You are My Shadow’ that will be released on the 10th March with a launch show at The 360 Club in Leeds.

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