BOOM! : Witterquick 'Hiding Place'

BOOM! : Witterquick ‘Hiding Place’

Witterquick is the fictional prince of an unnamed southern city. It is also the name that a band of southern princes have chosen to call themselves all the while producing top class genre bending rock music.

Delightfully and subtly different yet definitely in the ‘rock’ camp they remind of a harder edged Foals or Death Cab For Cutie, with their anthemic choruses, beautifully crafted melodies and intelligent lyrical content they are set to make a career from their talents. Hiding Place comes as their first release of 2017 with more to come later in the year.

Your sound, whilst not being outrageously different is quite unique, who are your influences?

We have such a huge range of influences, from pop and blues, to metal and jazz. What keeps us unique in our eyes is that we have never tried to sound like anyone else, if you put some people together and let them make music with no outside influence it will be unique because everyone is unique. We’re just making honest music by ourselves, and seeing where that gets us. Even if it all ended now, we’d know we did it our way and we did it right.

Your songs are quite complex, how long have you been playing and writing music?

We’ve all been playing and writing most of our lives in one way or another. WITTERQUICK has been together for about 18 months, so although we’re a very new band we have many years of experience to pull from.

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South Devon seems ripe with talent at the moment, any idea why this is?

No idea actually. A lot of people seem to be commenting on the Devon talent at the moment, and a lot of acts from the area are seeing various forms of success. With more eyes on the South West you can expect to see a lot more very soon!

Any plans for a headline tour or a full album release?

Not yet, we want to do it right. We’ve got a lot of music planned over the next year so there’s a lot for fans to look forward to, but an album/headline tour will be saved for when the time is right.

You’re quite active as individuals on social media, is this a fun distraction or does it actually help your profile?

It does a number of things. Talking with fans is something we don’t take for granted, we realise we’re in a very privileged position, and it’s often a very entertaining experience! This naturally helps our profile and awareness because we’re always visible to our fans, and their friends as a byproduct. Getting to know our fans is important to us, they’re a part of what WITTERQUICK is and are carrying us along this path, so we want to be involved in their lives as much as we can be.

Disaffection seems to be a common theme in your songs, why?

Interesting observation. We haven’t ever sat down and agreed on a theme for the songs, but you do tend to write about what’s on your mind at the time, whether that’s a bad relationship, a good relationship, or just your view on the world. Writing songs, lyrics in particular, is a cathartic process, so you do end up working out some demons on the page. We’ve heard from a lot of fans that particular songs have helped them through difficult periods of their lives, I don’t think you could ever get a greater accolade than that.

If you were offered a place on XFactor, would you take it?

Absolutely not. The show is an excellent business model, and very entertaining if you like that sort of thing. Reality shows, although giving you a great platform and making you temporarily incredibly famous, launch your credibility out the window. Aside from a very, very, small percentage, I think we’ve learnt over the years with these kinds of shows that any success is very short-lived, and ultimately not worth it.

Which question do you wish I’d asked? Now answer that! 

If WITTERQUICK could replace the cast in any movie, which movie would you choose?

Well, Titanic of course! We’ll leave it up to the fans to choose who will be who.