BOOM! : Wide Eyed Boy ‘Wolves’

Liverpool Indie band Wide Eyed Boy release their latest single ‘Wolves’.

With members hailing from the UK, Germany and Australia, Wide Eyed Boy (previously Whitecliff) are one of the latest indie rock bands to emerge from Liverpool’s rich music scene.

Oliver Nagy (vocals), Jonny Ball (guitars), Kobi Pham (guitars) and Tom Taylor (drums) recently released their new single ‘Wolves’, a melodic indie-pop tune. It is accompanied by a video clip featuring footage filmed in and around Manhattan, as well as an acoustic version. The band recruited producer Rich Turvey, who has collaborated with the likes of Cabbage, Blossoms and Darlia, to also record their upcoming self-titled debut EP. 

The band has recently played with Feeder in Edinburgh and King No-One in Liverpool, as well as their own headlining show at London’s The Old Queen’s Head. They are set to perform at Liverpool Noise Presents on May 12th and Camden Rocks Festival on June 3rd.

GIGsoup caught up with Wide Eyed Boy to learn more about their new single.

You met at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, whose notable alumni include The Wombats, Sandi Thom, Frances, Dan Croll, and Eugene McGuinness. How did your experience of studying there influence you?

Being surrounded by so many like-minded people from around the world was a great experience and a really good opportunity to make music that incorporated influences you might not necessarily have been exposed to before. Basically – a great time to develop as an artist!

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How important is your home city of Liverpool to you?

Liverpool is where we all met and started writing music together, so it has always been an integral part of what we are about.

How would you describe your musical style, and how did you decide on it?

I guess we would describe it as ‘new wave indie-pop’. It’s something that has developed naturally over time rather than a conscious decision. We all love melodic music that’s full of guitar/synth riffs and ended up creating music that is a reflection of that.

You have stated that your single ‘Wolves’ is about “letting people in that are bad for you”. Could you explain that a bit more?

It’s basically a song about a realization that certain people are having a bad influence on you and your life, and the struggle to try and get away from it, but falling back in.

What inspired you to choose to release an acoustic version of the track as well?

We wanted to do a stripped back version that showed the music and meaning of the song in another light. It’s for anyone that enjoyed listening to the song and who want to hear it in a different way!

What should we expect from the rest of the EP?

Everything we have worked on since writing Wolves has been a continual evolution of our sound. While you can expect more of the same, there will be new sounds and elements to the songs that may surprise you!