BOOM! : The Wholls 'X21' - Photography by Mollie Rose

BOOM! : The Wholls ‘X21’

At a time where the state of the world, and for most of us in particular, the UK government, is downright worrying, and where you’d most likely be reading something terribly serious and/or very boring, The Wholls bring us this interview which I’m sure you’ll agree is a breath of fresh air.

The band from Bedford consist of Tordy Cocchiarella (vocals/guitar), Santino Cocchiarella (guitar/vocals), Joe Stevenson (bass/vocals), and Daniel De Feo (drums/percussion). Having been on tour and already played the Isle of Wight festitval this year, one of the biggest music festivals in the UK, they’re on for a whirlwind ride this next few months with an album release and more videos in the making, and by the sounds of it, they won’t be letting you miss out on any of the fun. 

Where did the name The Wholls come from? How did you guys get together and become a band?

(Joe) Put simply, it’s our take on an Italian slang word for the full package, the guts and the glory. Having what it takes to get shit done. We individually all retired from regular life and met on top of a mountain where we combined our powers in a secret pact, the details of which will one day be made into a bollywood movie. 2 years later we returned to the mortal plain and battled MechaGodzilla (the music industry) in a glorious challenge of wits and power chords. Look out for the sequel due to hit a VHS store near you in 2017.

‘X21’ is your debut single. It talks about a special remedy to give your subject ‘love and all you wish in dreams’, so, what exactly is X21? What was your inspiration for the song?

X21 is what ever you want it to be. The lyrics are on our YouTube video for it. Replace the word X21 for whatever you like and see what you think. Fun for all the family! If we told you our personal inspiration it would ruin the mystery….. you’ll have to wait for the autobiography…..

How was it performing it at Miss World 2015?

Probably one of the stranger experiences we’ve had so far. We were stood by the side of the stage about to walk on and our manager pops up out of nowhere – “only 2 billion people watching boys, don’t fuck it up now, eh”. Bit of a whirlwind really but China was a cool place and we were treated like kings. First thing we did at the airport was eat ducks feet. The world is a beautiful experience if you want it to be! Rise and shine!!

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When creating your music and putting songs together, how does your creative process work? Does one of you focus on the songwriting or do you all share it?

Tordy and Sonny have a potent song writing process. A lot of that happens in Tordys bedroom then gets fleshed out in our rehearsal room. Once it hits the studio we can really fine tune it all. But the door is always open for any ideas from all angles. Nothing is done till it’s done. We all have the ability to record at home and chuck ideas out there. It’s an open and democratic way of making noise.

Your video for ‘X21’ was your first filming of an official video. How was it making it? Did you have a lot of creative control over it?

An amazing experience. We had a winnebago. A winnebago! The director Ed Coleman and Producer Ghandi El-Chamaa listened to the track and came up with a location and storyboard. They’re a couple of cool cats so we had full faith in them and they nailed it with a little help from the weather. Kent never looked so goddamn good! We made sure we’re in a position to have as much creative control over everything as possible but that also means being able to let the right people take over when needed.

2016 seems like a busy year for you what with your current tour and a couple of festivals in the pipeline already. What are you currently most looking forward to? Do you have any other plans/surprises ahead? 

We’ve got a rake load of stuff we can’t announce yet, lots of it festival related. We’re all mad music fans so touring and being surrounded by fans and bands is a beautiful thing to embrace. The album will be out, we’ve got more videos to shoot, songs to write and many motorways yet to explore. Every day is a blessing and we fully intend on making the most of every single second of it. You’d better get used to us boys n girls because we don’t plan on going anywhere for a while!!! Come to a show and get sweaty with us!!

This Wholls article was written by Alia Thomas, a GIGsoup contributor. Photography by Mollie Rose

BOOM! : The Wholls 'X21'