BOOM! : The Welcome Party 'Where We Go'

BOOM! : The Welcome Party ‘Where We Go’

Today’s BOOM! Track of the Day is from Newcastle band ‘The Welcome Party’. ‘Where We Go’ is taken from their new EP ‘Always Winter’ that dropped on the 3rd June. The Alt-Rock band describe themselves as “Dark. Melancholic. Bearded. Sweaty.” and recently celebrated the release of their new EP at Newcastle’s ‘The Cluny’.

They describe their new single as being about “self indulgence and poor decision making really – so pretty representative of The Welcome Party for the most part!

GIGsoup spoke to the band about their music and songwriting process

The Welcome Party is a very interesting name. Why did you choose it, and what does it mean to you?

This is literally the first time I’ve been asked so far. It seems to be interpreted differently by everyone, but for us the sentiment is more around a welcome or ‘welcome home’ party. For myself at least, this band is exactly that.

You have quite an alt-rock vibe in your music, is this naturally the area you want to pursue, and who are your main influences?

I think we’re absolutely an alt-rock band at heart, although we do toy with our more ambient and shoegaze influences too. There are a vast range of influences on the band as a whole, but the more obvious influences would be the 90s alt bands like R.E.M and Pixies, and early 00s post-punk bands such as Interpol and The Walkmen.

Describe yourselves in 4 words to new fans

Dark. Melancholic. Bearded. Sweaty.

How would you describe your musical process?

Lengthy! A lot of our songs come out in the room, and are thrashed out between us until they’re ready for demoing. We are obsessive about the recording process, so tracking and mixing also takes a lot of time. We mostly work as a collective on the musical ideas, which will eventually shape into songs. Occasionally I’ll bring a song into the room which is pretty much ready to go, but that is a rarity nowadays.

With an industry so competitive with many new bands and artists coming through how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

We’re based in Newcastle, and the scene here is really thriving at the minute. We try to see that as a positive rather than viewing other bands as competitors. A lot of the new music coming out of the North East is of the pop/electronica type, but we’re lucky that there are a handful of bands writing stuff a bit closer to where we’re coming from. If we’re seen to set ourselves apart from the crowd, then that’s just an added bonus.

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‘Where We Go’ is the first single from your new EP ‘Always Winter’. We at Gigsoup love it! What is the notion behind the song and what made you pick it as the single?

The EP presents us in a few different lights, but I think Where We Go is most representative of our sound at this stage. I’d like to think that the EP gives a wider introduction to what we do as a whole, and Where We Go is a good starting point. The song itself is just about self indulgence and poor decision making really – so pretty representative of The Welcome Party for the most part.

What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

We release the EP on 03/06, followed by a launch show at The Cluny in Newcastle on 04/06. We’re then straight back in to the studio to spend the summer on the next release – so hopefully you will hear more from us before the end of the year!

This Welcome Party article was written by Sarah Ebockayuk, Track of the Day Editor

BOOM! : The Welcome Party 'Where We Go'