BOOM! : Vivienne Chi ‘Vivienne’

Vivienne Chi has emerged out of the black with her (partly) self-titled debut single ‘Vivienne’. Embracing a mixture of grittiness and the elegance of London’s inner city, the lyrics and music capture a soulful and alternative sound that focuses on a slightly twisted narrative of relationship turmoil and battling inner feelings.

We caught up with the exciting newcomer to get the lowdown on her latest release ‘Vivienne’, her influences from writing music from an early age and things to be on the watch for in the near future.

What is your debut single ‘Vivienne’ all about?

It’s about the voice in your head that can often pull you down a road of destruction, especially in moments of vulnerability. It’s angry and honest, it’s about battling with pride and desperately missing a loved one.

If you could sum up your musical influences, what artists would you choose?

I grew listening to Massive Attack, Leftfield, Faithless, Kate Bush, Bjork, Portishead, Jeff Buckley and I learned to sing listening to EnVogue & Lauryn Hill… I hope that in some way, they will have influenced me.  

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You’ve been writing since 11, have your influences changed over the years?

Absolutely, I have experimented a lot through the years with different styles of singing, production and song writing. Inspiration is never the same and my writing is always dependent on that. I just want the music to be honest and feel 100 per cent natural… never forced.

Do you write songs with your band or other writers? or are you the sole writer?

I mostly focus on the top-line and lyrics, I work a lot with Harry Tarlton & Tom Maine who are musicians and producers. We have worked together for years and fortunately have the same end-vision for a song once the initial shape of it has taken place in the writing session. I’m really lucky to have writing partners on the same waves length.

Being based in London, would you say the location helped you shape your sound at all? With the people around it and memories at all?

I moved to London not knowing anyone and worked in bars trying to find a way to get my music going. It’s a big lonely city, I’m glad to say I’ve made friends with her now. These experiences I’m sure have shaped my sound in some way, as well as all the musicians from all over the world I’ve met here.

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How does the single artwork tie in with the music?

I did the artwork myself, it started off as a mirror print, to reflect the double identity theme of the song.. I worked with watercolour and embellished it from there. I wanted something tribal & hypnotic.

Are you planning to take your big sound to the stage live in the near future?

Yes, I can’t wait… 

What’s next for Vivienne Chi in the coming months?

If all goes to plan, I’ll be releasing more music and then getting some live dates in the diary….

How would you describe Vivienne Chi in three words (not including your name)?

Ummmm… maybe ask my dad for this one!

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