BOOM! : The Vex ‘Education Kills’

London based quartet The Vex are back with the powerful new single ‘Education Kills’. A fitting title seeing as it is about the extraordinary woman that is Malala Yousafzi who was killed whilst campaigning for women’s rights to education. The track does her complete justice; gritty riffs, gnarly vocals and an instantly recognisable grungy melody makes ‘Education Kills’ one to take this band to the top!

Hearing The Vex’s music makes you reminisce about that raw 70’s punk era that so badly needs injecting back into the current music industry, and with this track The Vex manage it with ease. We here at GIGsoup had a quick chat with frontman Josh Schwegler about the new single, falling off stage and what’s in store for them over the next few months.

Hey guys, congratulations on the new single ‘Education Kills’! How does it feel to release it into the world?

Hey! It feel’s great to have our music out there within the ether. We just need to release it out of the world now.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the track?

The inspiration behind this is that of one brave woman, Malala Yousafzi.

The video for the track has just been released, does it reflect the vibes of your live shows?

Well it would be pretty cool to have a roof top vibe at our lives shows; however that loft hatch was a stretch…

It is similar to this vibe, yeah! We make our shows very energetic, very loud and very fun. There is a lot of dancing and a lot of sweat. I don’t know how Jacko keeps his leather on.

Could you give us an insight into your background as a band?

There have been a few different stages to us as musicians. We played together before in separate bands, had a good few tours with Alabama 3, Adam Ant and went out to Germany, Berlin to play amongst others. Berlin was mad… is mad…

As a band we now try to push ourselves more and more, be this lyrically, musically and attitude wise. Straight after the single video release of Education Kills we have got ourselves back into recording the next project. We rented out a warehouse and have done it all ourselves. There’s nothing better than creating your own space for your sound. And you do this with mattresses and duvets by the way. Peter Singer was our main man on this who is a brilliant technician and friend of the bands. More to come about that release very soon!

Hailing from the capital city, who are some other bands we should keep an eye out for?

You tell us! We have our main interests but are always keen and wanting to hear new music. Goat has been a massive inspiration as well as Tame Impala recently. I’ve actually had Metallica’s Hardwired on a lot as I will be seeing them in October. I just recently saw them in Copenhagen and just wow, what a professional bunch. Listen out for our friend Frankie Foreman who Jacko has been jamming with, she has a magical voice which needs some more recognizing.

You’ve just released your self titled EP, do you have any memorable moments from the studio?

These were done with our man Jim. He knows his stuff down at Ranscombe Studio and can really wind that reel. I remember at the time of these recordings which was a little while ago, we loved experimenting hitting different things. We played a baseball bat on a keg in Satori at some point, think that videos on the Instagram or the book or YouTube, funny anyway. Some right good jammms down in the piano area, strictly Chas and Dave of course. This would have been the first time me and Jacko let ourselves go vocally more. You can hear the distant screams in Satori within the chorus. It’s all about having a good scream!

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Who are some of your inspirations?

The Beatles, Alan Watts, Bruce Lee, Jim Carrey, friends and family, alcohol, food, silence, this ball we’re spinning on in the middle of darkness. Life is starting to be that constant inspiration now.

What’s the best gig you’ve played to date?

Best gig has to be our first gig playing together. We were in Moscow supporting Suede. What a great few days, what a gig and what a mess! I have flash backs thinking about it of me throwing up all over the restaurant kitchen holding the door back. My only pair of clothes, that was fun to travel back in. I think Jacko fell in love.. again. The Horse and Boulton being Horsey Boulton’s all the time. Very funny, the gig was the best part though as I know we all realized we had something special together and I think that’s the first time we all slept together as a band.

What about the worst?

A funny memory for me but not such an astounding performance I should think, was when we played on my birthday one year. In North London somewhere, Boulton would remember, I was drinking heavily and it was time to perform. Basically the show was going well and I turned round for an extra bit of rocking directed at Boulton, took a step too far and went backwards off the stage and onto the floor.. Still strumming away. I managed to climb back up with song still in play, (very professional as always!) and we finished the gig.

I later found out that when I drifted down, I took the microphone stand with me, which then took a poor fellas head down with that. Apparently it was quite a gush of claret which ended up being some stiches to the face. I didn’t know I’d done it! He came to shake my hand afterwards but I didn’t know I hit him so was like, “Yeah mate, you?

‘The Vex’ is a brilliant name, reminiscent of the old 70’s rock bands, how did it come about?

There were loads of suggestions but it was back when Boulton was backtracking through Weston Yorkshire. This is where he met The Horse for the first time. They were staying together in a motel overlooking the sea, it just so happened myself and Jacko were reminiscing of this and what it would have been like. The place being The Vexin. Josh brought this up round mine one evening and everyone agreed. It was more the anger of wanting something short, punchy, to the point and expressive. The rest being bollox.

Have you got any plans for the rest of the year?

In all serious yes, our latest EP is being mixed on the 21stAugust and it will be our most up to date work. We have pushed further with what we want to create and have come up with a collection of songs we did not expect to have when we began. It’s very exciting. We will be pressing and releasing this on Vinyl and digitally, surrounding it with a party and many gigs. We are extremely grateful for all the support we have been getting for our music recently and can’t wait to share what’s next.