BOOM! : Vanbot 'The Way You Say It"
BOOM! : Vanbot 'The Way You Say It"

BOOM! : Vanbot ‘The Way You Say It’

This ‘Track of the Day’ article was written by Alia Thomas, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Stephen Butchard

Swedish-born singer, Vanbot, is one step away from breaking the charts with her insanely catchy dancepop anthems. ‘The Way You Say It’ is the third single from her sophomore album, ‘Perfect Storm’, and is another catchy dance fuelled track that crosses genres to produce one of the artists strongest releases to date. The album itself focuses on the subject matter of communication in a powerful and emotive way, accompanied by creative videos to visualise the feelings throughout (see above).

‘Perfect Storm’ is your first album in a few years, but you were due to release an album between this and your last. What made you decide against releasing that album and start on a new one instead?

I had been working on that album for a year and a half, but I felt like I never found it. I did remakes, new productions, tried alternative choruses…but after all that, it felt watered out, and there was no way back. That’s when I trashed it. It was a very tough period, but at the same time, I was very challenged by starting all over. I wrote new songs like an idiot, sometimes five songs in one day. I was constantly thinking in melodies. So, after all, I’m glad that I had the energy to walk that extra 1000 miles. It was worth it.

The album was produced/mixed by Johannes Bergland (The Knife, I Break Horses) and you had a few songs co-written with other people such as Jan Kask (Say Lou Lou, Tove Styrke) and Adam Olefins (Shout Out Louds). How was it working with such people to create the album? 

I really feel that I’ve grown with these collaborations. It’s interesting to find that the result is more than the sum of the different parts. I would not have written these songs on my own; something special happens when you come together and work with someone else. I think they made me more brave and in some ways, and more messy, haha.

‘The Way You Say It’ is the third single released from the album. What’s the song about? Is there a particular theme that flows through the song in relation to the previous ‘Trooper’ and ‘Seven’ that have been released?

I haven’t thought about it before, but when I look at these three singles as a line, I can see some kind of link.

‘The Way You Say It’ centres around empty words and the fact that the way we say things matters as much as what we say.

‘Trooper’ is about the naive game of denial. ‘Seven’ is about being let down. So yes, I suppose there is an emerging pattern here – all three revolve around the communication between lovers or friends. Didn’t think about that before.

The video for the song is very beautiful. The song itself has a fairly contrasted feel to the aesthetic of the video. It’s a very lively and upbeat song, but the video has a seemingly dark feel in comparison. It’s also a very different song type to what’s normally associated with ballet. It’s very artistic. What was your idea behind the video? Why did you choose this certain aesthetic?

Someone said it was almost like the Black Swan, and I think that’s spot on. We started with the line “I let the night come close…” working with a confident expression coupled with a naked vulnerability that appears to be taken advantage of by the dark. I think confidence and vulnerability are two recurrent themes and contrasts in relationships.

Many people have compared you to fellow Swedish artist Robyn. What do you think when you hear this? 

Robyn is great, I love her. But I can’t really see that we are that similar. But I’m of course flattered by that comparison. 

Apart from the album release, what other exciting plans does 2016 hold in store for you? 

I’ve started writing new material and we’re gonna do more shows. But my focus right now is primarily planning a new project, a bit of a dream project! This is something I’ve been longing for ages and I can’t describe how excited I am, unfortunately I can’t say much more than that at this point!

It’s interesting how one trashed album led to this beautiful piece of artistic musical success.

‘Perfect Storm’ is out now and available to purchase.

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