A Badge of Friendship

BOOM! : Two Penny Blue ‘Lament’

London-based trio Two Penny Blue are back with another track following their debut single ‘Gypsy’. Their latest one is called ‘Lament’, a vibrant piece of folk-rock filled with soaring harmonies, rich instrumentals, and moving vocals. Together, these songs hint towards a project with a deep philosophical foundation and keep us hopeful for the release of their upcoming album.

GIGsoup caught up with Two Penny Blue to talk about the new single, their inspirations, and future plans.

How did you get together and why do you think there’s chemistry between you?

Will: There have been many incarnations of Two Penny Blue – we’ve been the Collectors, the Penny Blacks. In the end a certain name stuck and with it a certain line up. What we’ve found is that being good friends holds a band together.

Sean: We all live together, we all feel like brothers sometimes.

Tommy: I feel we all come more from a more passionate angle to music. When we record this has lead to some very interesting choices. We work more live in the studio, and are looking at more stripped down versions of the tracks. 

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What are some of your influences? Are there artists outside of your own musical genre that inspire you?

Sean: Steve Wilson, my drum playing doesn’t realy follow any specific style. I am also mainly a guitarist and with this band I’ve also played the bass. I’m now currently playing the drums and am really enjoying it!

Tommy: I’m really into opera and classical music and I do feel in some way it’s contributed to the music I write for the band. I’m quite lucky because in the album comming up I’ve been able to sneak some orchestration in…

How did you come up with the name Two PennyBlue?

Tommy: Well, we started as the Penny Blacks and then found that the name was taken. We were then stuck with the following stamp, a Two Penny Blue.

Will: The stamp theme original stared as a little joke about Tommy’s stamp collection.

What is your song ‘Lament’ about?

Tommy: It’s about coming to terms with death in a godless universe. It sort of visualises what feelings and thoughts one might go through in one’s final moments.

How would you say it compares to your previous single, ‘Gypsy’? Is there a theme connecting the two tracks?

Tommy : ‘Gypsy’ is about having conflicting feelings about life, circling between the dark and the light – we never really get a conclusion in it. ‘Lament’ is more of a progressive journey following someone coming to peace.

Should we expect an EP or album any time soon?

Will: Yes indeed, I think this is the first hint we are giving out, but an album is on the way set for October!

Could you say a few words about the cover art? What do those human forms represent?

Tommy: ‘Lament’ and ‘Gypsy’ covers were bother designed my William Lavender, a rather brilliant artist. At the end of ‘Lament’ we hear a chant of people singing “I don’t want to be alone”, these voices are the figures. In the art work the figures are a procession of souls passing into death, all finding their own peace with it. In the initial designs, we discussed imagery like William Blake’s illustrations and  Dante’s inferno.

Do you have any gigs coming up that you’re excited about?

Will: We play regular slots in a few local Hammersmith venues. But a nice gig coming up is on the 29th of July at the Alley Cat, Denmark street.

Lament is out now