BOOM! : Cristian//Prince ‘Rock My Boat’

Today we’re talking to up and coming producer Cristian//Prince. His production is fresh and interesting and his hip-hop inspired wavey beats are not to be missed. He talks to GIGsoup about starting his own parody collective, following your dreams and how it’s easy to get lost on Soundcloud.

How would you categorise your music?

I guess I make synthy hip-hop? Is that a genre? I don’t know. Essentially it is hip-hop. Synth driven hip-hop.

Would you link your music to Soulection at all? There seem to certain similarities in sound.

I wish I could start my own rip-off collective called Soulectshor. 

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You’re tracks are eclectic in their sound. Are you going for ‘a’ sound at the moment, or are you still working things out creatively?

Yeah, there is an eclectic mix of stuff going on in my music at the moment. I’m not really going for a sound at this stage. I think it is good to have a sound, but it’s also very easy to put yourself in a little box with it. I was watching an interview with Zaytoven the other day and he was saying that, obviously, he makes all this crazy hard trap stuff; but actually deep down all he wants to do is make classical music. I just think you should make what you want. 

Would you want to start playing live with the stuff that you’re making at the moment?

I would say the stuff that I’ve made public has been mainly been for DJ sets, but I have a load of stuff for live performances too, stashed away. Me and two of my friends at school used to play in a guitar collective together, and we loved it! Nothing beats live instruments.

Would you want to go down a Keys and Krates kind of route; a semi-live, semi-sample based method of performing?

Maybe. I suppose I would also like the freedom to play other people’s stuff. If I was ever to do a proper gig then I would probably consider it differently. 

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You have a lot of tracks with massive hip-hop and r’n’b samples in. Who would you say has been a main influence in your work so far?

I wouldn’t say there is a main influence. This is the part were most people would say drop names like J Dilla or Dr Dre. But I didn’t get into hip-hop until much later in my life. I’m in the middle of collecting lots of old school stuff at the moment; getting back to basics.  

I would say I’m more influenced by new artists to be honest. I spend a lot of time sitting on Soundcloud and I sometimes hear crazy stuff on there that doesn’t fit into any genre. Like Monte Booker for example. I remember the first time I heard him I thought; this guy isn’t human! He just pulls together sounds that shouldn’t work as a whole track, but they do somehow. Same with whereisalex; they’ll be a dog barking on a track when there should be a horn. Its mad!

I’m largely influenced by people’s voices. I don’t believe that any voice is just going to match up with any beat. I always try and produce the right vibe for the right voice.

What do you think of Soundcloud as a platform for uploading music? Is there a tendency for people to get lost because it is so extensive.

I certainly think that’s the way its going. There is such a huge abundance that it is very easy for people to get lost in it all. Obviously you can’t listen to everything and everyone. But, I don’t actually think its changed the format of the industry too much. It’s still all about who you know, or luck really. Its just luck on Soundcloud that people will hear your stuff. Sometimes I’ll come across stuff which bangs, but has no plays so no one will listen to it. You just have to trust in your music to power you through I suppose. Also, you can’t rely solely on one platform, you need your stuff everywhere, go out and meet people that kind of thing. 

You were at Coventry University before starting to produce, what’s that U Turn been like?

Amazing. Music is the best thing to do in the world, my message is always to do what you want to do.

Who would you recommend we listen to?

Have you heard of a woman called Raven Lanae? She needs to be the next one that gets big, she is amazing. She’s kind of dancy with an R’n’b vibe. Smino is also someone I would recommend.