Well known for their remixed track ‘Jaigantic’ by Galimatias, Tora have given listeners a new single.

Hailing from Byron Bay, Australia, Tora consists of four members: Jo Loewenthal, Jai Piccone, Thorne Davis,  and Shaun Johnston. Their new single, ‘Another Case’, features their signature electronic sound coupled with graceful vocals.

‘Another Case’ is taken from their upcoming album, ‘Take a Rest’, out on the 9th June 2017. With this monumental release on the horizon, Josh Myers from GIGsoup spoke to the band…

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So before we get into the music, I have to ask, what made you guys decide on the omega symbol as your band’s logo? Any meaning behind that?

After realising that Tora in Greek means ‘now’ we decided to incorporate the omega in our logo, it kinda just stuck from then on.

‘Another Case’ is your most recent single. I noticed on your Facebook that your recent album was recorded in different locations around the world. Where did you record ‘Another Case’? Did the environment influence this song at all?

Another Case was created over the course of about 18 months, I remember Toby started the idea on his laptop while we were touring the Europe and America in 2015. There are a lot of subtle electronic layers in that song, which I guess is a results of us not having a space to record while we we’re traveling, so this song came together mostly on the laptop. It was actually a full piece of music before the lyrics were complete. I remember as we were closing in on the album, in the final week or two we came up with some lyrics that fit.

I saw your live recording of ‘Amsterdam’ in the rice fields while you were in Bali. Very cool! Was that a spur of the moment decision? Because you were in Bali for a show, correct?

We knew that we wanted to film a live version of the song in Bali, but we weren’t sure where or when it would happen. When we got to that villa in particular we thought ‘why not here’ so we set up a few hours before our show at ‘New Earth Festival’ and jammed out. We got electrocuted because the power circuitry was dodgy there, but it was well worth the pain, we had a great time.

What were some of those challenges you faced in creating the new album ‘Take a Rest’?

There were a few challenges along the way. I’d say number 1 would be the fact that we were touring for most of 2015 so we were a bit time poor, but we made the most of the inspiration we gathered along the way, but saving ideas in our phones and laptops.

After we come home we had about a 6 month period where we wrote songs alone at home, which resulted in the other biggest challenge with the album. We came together with about 30-40 ideas which all sounded quite different, so the last couple of months were spent making the songs fit together in the same body of work. Because we all have different tastes it was a challenge agreeing on which songs should be on the album, but in the end we chose our favorite 15 collectively.

The album features Sam Lawrence, Merryn Jeann, and Grace Pitts. From the beginning, did you know you wanted to have featured artists on this album?

Yes, from the beginning we always had the vision to have feature artists on the album, we very happy because the artists we ended up featuring on the album are all good friends of ours.

Finally, do you believe ‘Another Case’ gives your listeners a good idea of the kind of theme and mood your new album will present?

We’ve put an enormous amount of time and energy into making this album sound as original and eclectic as possible, so it’s hard to summarise it with 1 song. 

I think Another Case is a good example of the production style/vibe in the album, it sits somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, but there are other songs that have more lyrical content and some that have more musical experimentation. 
I guess to answer your question simply, if someone likes the sound of Another Case, they will most likely enjoy the whole album.

The new album from Tora ‘Take a Rest’ is out on the 9th June 2017

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