Photo Credit - Aiyush Pachnanda

BOOM! : The Rotanas ‘Mood Light’

Fresh from wowing the crowds of the Isle of White festival, This Feeling backed band The Rotanas are setting the world alight with their fresh take on old-school britpop.  We were lucky enough to talk to them about latest release ‘Mood Light’.

Tell us a little about the history of The Rotanas.

We formed around 2 years ago after meeting through mutual friends. After that we all moved in together and our house soon became the unofficial venue for secret Rotanas gigs where we’d get a load of people over, whip out the acoustic, and play some indie anthems.

Do you have any key influences?

We love bands from the 90s, but we try and inject a modern edge into our music. If we had to pick three bands that are our key influences we’d probably have to say Supergrass, Suede and Oasis.

Is there a story behind the creation of ‘Mood Light’?

‘Mood Light’ came about when James moved into a new house.  For 3 days the only electrical light that worked was a lamp he’d borrowed off a friend who had put a blue piece of plastic across the bulb.  The plugs in his room were weirdly situated, so for 3 days the only source of light in his room was a ‘mood light’ casting blue and grey shadows around the room.

What do you have planned for the future?

We’ve got loads of cool stuff planned for the future. We’re currently recording some tracks and plan to release another couple of singles before we release an album next year. The tracks are sounding mega and the albums gonna be the best thing since sliced bread. We also have gigs planned up and down the country and plan on playing live as much as possible, so if any promoter is reading and fancies putting us on drop us a DM.

The Welsh music scene is exploding at the moment.  How does it feel to be part of that?

Yeah, the Welsh music scene is doing bits at the moment. It’s so great seeing some of other the bigger bands like Boy Azooga and Himalayas smashing it on the international stage, but I also think that bands like ourselves, Pastel, and Al Moses are making some serious waves closer to home too. It’s a really great scene to be a part of.

You played the Isle of White festival this year.  What was that like?

We had such a great time at IOW festival. It was so fun being there with loads of our mates watching some top class live music. Fat Boy Slim on the main stage was one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

Are you listening to any artists in particular at the moment?

Pretty Vicious obviously just dropped their latest album which is killer.  A band called PLANET just released their new single which bangs too. One of my personal favourite bands, The Menzingers, just released a new single and announced an album for later in the year which I’m buzzing for.

If you could have a drink with three music artists (living or dead), who would they be and why?

Jack Vill from Al Moses three times over, so we could tell him in great detail how Cardiff City are the inferior team to both Swansea City and Bristol City.

Finally, if you had to describe your sound in one sentence, what would it be?

We don’t need a sentence, one word’s enough. It’s Gritpop.