BOOM! : The Innocent Bystander ‘Neon Lights’

From drinking pints of Gin with Shane McGowan and midnight jamming with Primal Scream, to Christmas parties with Kylie Minogue, Mark Healy has always felt The Innocent Bystander in the middle of all this madness, resulting in him creating the band to match the bizarre situations he found himself in.

This week The Innocent Bystander returned with a new slice of guitar-based electro pop called ’Neon Lights’ and we got them to answer a few questions…

Could you introduce yourselves?

Hi we are the innocent bystander and band put together by Mark Healy by chance after being asked for music for a TV ad campaign that didn’t work out but ended up in that piece of music becoming the bands first release exclusively on 7” vinyl for rough trade shops only. That single ‘Waster’ featured the voice of Dan Hoff and subsequently the two started on the path to releasing more singles and finding new band members in Alex Lynch, Danni Nolan and Alex Winter.

Who are some of your biggest influences? 

We listen to everything from Hip Hop to Miles Davies so its really hard t pin down expect to say that we produce music that interests us first and foremost without it trying to stick to any rigid style.

Could you talk about your new Single? How was the writing and recording process? 

‘Neon Lights’ our latest single was something we had for a while titled ‘Funky Fuck Fuck!’ and we couldn’t quite get it t gel where we felt it was a solid song. We stumble across a chorus one afternoon and then we knew we nailed it and the story is basically a story that happened to Mark on a visit to New York

What was the inspiration behind ’Neon Lights? What does the track mean to you? 

We have played some festival dates over the summer and we did our headline shows at Whelan’s in Dublin which were completely sold out. We will return there in January for another night of madness and we will also be doing our debut show in London. Until then we are supporting TVAM in Dublin and opening for HamSandwich on their Irish Tour.

What are some of your future plans?

Our future plans are to make a video for the single ‘Neon Lights’ and think about what song to put out next. Our album ‘There’s Still Music In These Streets’ is recorded but we are in no hurry just yet to put it out. For now we will keep plugging and doing singles.

Name us some new and fellow Irish bands we should know about?

Its not exactly a new band but this morning a friend put me onto a folk album titled ‘Magnificent Bird’ by an Irish band called The Hedge Schools that has totally relaxed my day so far!