BOOM! : Sun Circus ‘We Went to War’

It’s hard to predict the future of a band with just two single releases under their belts, but Sun Circus appear to be on the right trajectory for success. Their latest single, ‘We Went To War,’ which was released on the 11th March, encompasses a notable level of maturity for a new band; the bass is heavy, the drums are fierce and the words poignant.

There’s an impressive display of diversity shown already by the four-piece. Where ‘We Went To War’ hits hard, their debut single ‘Got That Feeling’ is catchy indie-pop; a cute summer number and the polar opposite to their latest release.

A debut album may be a long way off, but Sun Circus look to have all the right ingredients to continue experimenting with sound and creating music worth listening to, with today’s Track of the Day being a good a place as any to start.

‘We Went To War’ is a bit more gritty and heavier than your debut. Do you enjoy experimenting with different sounds like this?

Yes it definitely has a heavier feel to it. We really don’t try to think too much about what we’re writing, we try to keep things as natural and organic as possible. So when it comes to experimenting it’s great to keep an open mind. The possibilities are endless, thankfully!

And which sound do you prefer, and why?

We can’t say we prefer either; there are points when both come into play, all depending on the vibe. Both tracks are fun to play and were a great recording experience. As our debut tracks, it’s left it wide open for what people can expect from us in the future.

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There are a huge amount of bands given the tag ‘indie’ that are trying to break through. What would you say makes Sun Circus stand out from everyone else?

It’s probably the worst tag to be given as a band ‘indie’ – just because so many bands use it and they instantly sound generic. So if you ask us what genre we are you wouldn’t get ‘indie’ as an answer. But you won’t find us playing fragile trebly guitars or whispering gentle vocals, you’re gonna feel the bottom end with us and it’s gonna rock your socks.

How far away is a debut album?

A good year before we start an album, we’re half way through recording some new material that we are so excited for people to hear.

Following on from the release of your latest single, what can we expect next from Sun Circus?

You can expect lots of gigs this summer, new material towards the end and loads of smiling faces!

‘We Went To War’ is out now.

This Track of the Day article was written by Natalie Whitehouse, a GIGsoup contributor

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