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BOOM! : The Stone Foxes ‘Dying Star’

The Stone Foxes are a wonderful example of a true modern American Rock ‘n’ Roll band with bouts of energy and uplifting sounds. Hailing from California, The Stone Foxes have been going at full pelt since 2005 and having recently showcasing their wares in the UK, they’re now back on their home turf touring the US.

‘Dying Star’ is the bands’ latest release, accompanied by a humourous animated video sending us through outer space on a galactic journey via alien strip-clubs and diners. An odd narrative for any video but one that oddly matches very well with the vibe of the song.

Who or what inspired you to get into a music? Does the music you play now differ a lot from the sort you listened to growing up?

We’ve all been huge music fans all our lives… Jamming in garages, making Jerry-rigged recordings… I’m not sure any of us could pin-point who or what made us this way. Blame our moms. I know we’ve all loved rock and roll all our lives, so not much has changed there 

How does your creative process work?

Different for every song, a constantly changing and elusive force that needs wrangling. We’ve got a good team

‘Dying Star’ is off your latest album, “Twelve Spells”. What’s the song about? 

Shannon wrote that one. It seems to me to be about making sure you don’t spend all of your resources in life too soon – to not burn out too early.

Your video for ‘Dying Star’ has just been released. It’s an interesting video – did you have a lot of input into the idea behind it?

That’s actually the first video we’ve done where we surrendered all creative control to our mad-genius friend Curtis Jaeger. He hired an animator and made this awesome Simpson’s-esque romp around the Galaxy through space strip-clubs and diners.

You’re currently touring the UK. How have you found the reception to your music over here? Have you noticed any sort of difference between the fans over here to the ones back home in the US?

The reception has been unbelievable. We’re in love. Proper, English love

What else does 2016 have in store for The Stone Foxes?

We’ll be playing a U.S. tour in July mixed with some Summer fests! Catch us at a deep-fried Twinkie stand near you! 

This Track of the Day article was written by Alia Thomas, a GIGsoup contributor. 

The Stone Foxes