BOOM! : Steal The City ‘Beating Heart’

Sheffield rockers, Steal The City have recently released their debut single, “Beating Heart”.  Steal The City is definitely a shining star in an industry where their passion and drive has paid off from working hard to get where they are now with their new single. They took a moment to tell us a little about the band, their music and what you may see at a live show.

Thank you for taking time out to speak with us! Tell us a little about the band in regards to who you are and how you came together as a band?

We are 4-piece rock-outfit, Steal The City. We have been playing music together for about 3 years now and been gigging for most of this time under the name STC. We came together by complete fluke after our singer dated a friend of Joe and Ellis (Guitar and Drums) and they broke up. We very quickly decided to ghost the girl as Sam was far more interesting, and he invited his mate Smit (Guitar) to join in. Pretty standard really!

Where did the band name Steal The City derive?

We get asked this a lot, and the honest answer is it was a joke that got out of hand. Sheffield (our home-town) is famous to the world as “The Steel City” due to the history of industry in the area, so we thought we’d play on that and tip our hats to our past, which is pretty cool we think.

Who are some of your musical influences that influence your sound as a band?

Coming from 2 very different areas of Sheffield, the 2 halves of the band (Joe and Ellis) and (Smit and Sam) have very different influences to bring to the table. Ellis and Joe are into their metal core, and heavy metal whereas Smit and Sam are into their pop-punk and emo. We’ve come to appreciate each other’s tastes more, but all 4 genres have been morphed into our sound.

Who would be the ultimate band pack combo for you to tour with if you had a choice?

If we could choose, we would love to tour with Papa Roach, Rise Against, or A Day To Remember. all 3 bands have had huge impacts on us growing up and they would present the perfect audience for us to engage with. That would be a dream come true for sure.

What genre of music do you describe yourself as a band?

The dreaded question every band hates to answer, but necessary nonetheless. We would describe ourselves as well-within the pop-punk genre, but leaning towards metal influences. We have been called a heavy Offspring. We like this.

Tell us about the song “Beating Heart” and what the lyrical content means to you?

Beating Heart is a huge tune for us, it sums up the experiences we as a band (and in particular Sam) have had playing local shows, being turned down for opportunities etc. And it’s more of a ‘middle fingers-up’ anthem than anything else. We love the song and the response it’s had so far, so if you haven’t heard it yet, check it out!

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What do you want your fans to know about Steal The City?

Steal The City are a live force to be reckoned with. We do our utmost to capture this in the studio but the truth is you have to see us live to truly understand. Aside from that, almost in contrast, we’re a genuinely humble bunch of chaps. We don’t pretend to be rock stars and ignore fans who come to see us play, you will see us at the bar talking to anyone who wants to say hi.

How do you feel about playing live shows?

Playing live is the life-blood of rock music. It’s true that any band who goes too long without a gig will actually implode. It’s the opportunity we have to see the spoils of our work in the practice space and studio.

Some bands are very interactive on their social media accounts. Do you feel inclined to actively interact with your fans to help your fan base grow?

Social media has grown into a tool for bands to engage with on an international level, so if a band isn’t active on this they’re missing a beat. We’re on every social media platform worth being on, and we’re engaging with fans in some way every day. We respond to messages from fans, like their comments, and let discussions evolve from reviews etc. It’s great to see from an artist’s point of view.

What is in the works in the near future for the band? 

We are working on our next releases, but can’t let on too much for obvious reasons! It’s fair to say that 2017 isn’t over for us yet. We’re massively active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. so keep your eyes peeled for loads of gigs still to come.