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BOOM! : Stalagmites ‘Binary’

In nature stalagmites start from nothing and given time and the sheer force of nature they grow from the ground upwards and become something to marvel at.

So it may indeed be with Salford’s up and coming darkly seductive alt indie band Stalagmites. Their latest song Binary is full of emotion, Antics era Interpol-like riffs, a throbbing retro sound bass and the northern tortured vocals of founder member Bradley Lynch. GIGsoup had a chat with the three piece, learnt about speed awareness and the King of Eccles.

Why the name Stalagmites?

It’s different, haven’t heard of any other band called Stalagmites.We used to be in a band called The Souls and Stalagmites was the name of one of our first tracks so it means a lot to us. Plus they grow up from the ground, could be a good omen.

Binary is starting to make some impact, which band would you like to hear it and say “we need these guys to support us” ?

Personally I’d say The Horrors, fantastic song writers with a great sound which has developed over time. Ride have just released a new album which sounds sounds belting and then there’s Radiohead. We’ll support em all, thanks. 

You’re just starting out, are there many more songs ready to go?

The core of the band being Brad and Alex have actually been writing together for about 6 years so there’s plenty of ‘back catalogue’ tracks we’re more interested in looking forward then going back so I’d say we’ve got hundreds of ideas and we’re going to mould the best ones and unleash them upon the unsuspecting industry.

If Salford Tourist Board asked you why people should go to Salford, what would you say?

It’s a mad melting pot of culture. Were all currently living in different areas of Eccles which is twinned with Narbonne in France where I am currently writing this interview from. I digress, Eccles has got some mad characters, there is an old chap with a long beard, a staff and a cape who is the self proclaimed king of Eccles.

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What are you short term plans?

We’ve just structured a brand new song which sounds like it’s on its way to being the next single as it’s a banger. It’s instrumental at the minute so out short term plans are to get vocals down, book some studio time, record, mix and master and let’s get it out there.

What fact about Stalagmites will impress us?

Saw Ed Sheeran play a little bar in Manchester for in the city festival around 2010. Shite then, shite now. 

One fact about Stalagmites that will disgust us?

We have all had to do speed awareness courses, 33 in a 30 zone. Disgusting.

Sum the band up in FOUR WORDS.

Driven, progressive, naughty, nice.