BOOM! : The Sore Losers 'Got It Bad'

BOOM! : The Sore Losers ‘Got It Bad’

Today’s Boom! Track of the Day features The Sore Losers, a band who have perfected their sound, style and lyricism, culminating in their third studio album ‘SKYDOGS’. ‘Got It Bad’ as a track, could be likened to a circle as a shape; addictive vocal hook, exquisite guitar solos and frenzied drums; an explosive package full of imaginative contours, summarised in just over three minutes. Produced by the Grammy Award winning David Cobb, and recorded in a whirlwind ten days, ‘Got It Bad’ is merely the beginning of a career altering album.

The track has finally received its long awaited music video, pertaining to a Japanese theme, using a beautiful black and white composure, and obscure camera angles to satisfyingly correlate with the Belgium rock band. GIGsoup contributor John Gittins, had the chance to sit down with the band and talk about the Belgium rock scene, working with a predominantly country producer and the bands plans to hit the states on tour.

Growing up in Belgium whilst playing rock music must have been unusual to say the least. Did your home found success surprise you, or is there a prominent rock scene in Belgium?

Well there isn’t really a rock scene in Belgium. There are no nationwide specialised rock magazines or TV shows and no real rock clubs. Clubs, magazines and radio shows are all-round and focused on alternative mainstream. But it’s what we do, you know, we play rock music, we have this take it or leave it attitude and somehow people relate to this and we worked our way up playing good live shows, making honest records and getting airplay on national radio, playing Belgium’s biggest festivals like Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop and selling out 2000 capacity club shows. So there is a need for rock music but I guess the traditional gatekeepers see that differently.

You recorded your third studio album ‘SKYDOGS’ in what must have been an intense ten days, which also may just contain your best work yet. Was the short turnover time down to the immense bond you have together as a band, or did you all come pre-prepared?

We had a bunch of riffs and lyrics laying around, but not a single song finished. Dave Cobb, the producer of our record, wanted to keep things fresh and write, record and mix the album in ten days. He won two Grammy Awards and he’s made some amazing records, so although we were sceptic, to say the least :-), we went with it and thank god we did, because the record came together absolutely amazing.

Your sound oozes rock, covering Led Zeppelin to Queens of the Stone Age. And yet you had the prominent country producer David Cobb producing your album. Did the Nashville musician leave more of an impression on you guys than you would have previously expect?

Dave might be mostly known for the country albums he produced, but he’s also definitely a rocker. He produced rival sons, you know. Those records sound amazing. He knows his rock history and studied and analysed every single sound on those classic records produced by Glyn Johns and Jimmy Miller. We learned a lot from him. In a way he is a very mindful kind of guy. Very deliberately choosing the moment to record, creating a vibe and catching that magic moment on tape. He works so fast and is self-confident, it’s inspiring and as a band it makes you play with your gut instead of your head. That’s where you want to be as a musician.

Your new single ‘Got it Bad’ is a far-cry from your previous studio album ‘Roslynn’; a clean and slightly more traditional take on rock, compared to your current fuzzy and harsh style. What pushed you all as a band in this new direction?

It didn’t really feel like a new direction. it was something that was already inside this band. This was just the first time we really succeeded in bringing this side of the band out in the front, thanks to producer Dave Cobb and engineer Eddie Spear. They did a great job analysing who we really are as a band and bringing that out and registering it on tape. 

The Sore Losers touring schedule is almost fully booked, as you travel all over Europe. Are there any UK or US tours coming up in the new year? 

There will be UK shows announced pretty soon. As for the US, we’re currently focusing on Europe and there’s enough work to do this side of the ocean, but there’s definitely an ambition to go out there and play some shows. We have to, a lot of these bands that inspire us come from the US, so one day we have to undertake this pilgrimage tour and pay our dues. Likewise, for the UK, so we’re very excited that SKYDOGS is coming out in the UK.

‘SKYDOGS’ is out on November 4th via Ultra Elektrik Records.BOOM! : The Sore Losers 'Got It Bad'

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