BOOM! : Shiners '19 Again'

BOOM! : Shiners ’19 Again’

At times within the indie pop music scene there can be a sense of over saturation with a growing majority of bands using recycled songs and have an ignoramus attitude towards music and the success that comes with it. Shiners are not one of those bands; setting themselves apart from the crowd with a unique blend of punk and new wave. Possessing the swagger of an established band and combined with the modesty of an already established talent, the group of youthful Londoners are set for success with their new single ’19 Again’.

Wielding a Brit-Pop style with a variety of new and old genres, Shiners are fashioning a new blend of songs that although at times can sound pleasantly nostalgic, also bring with them a sense of invigoration to their craft. GIGsoup’s John Gittens managed to sit down with the lads and talk to them about their own opinions of their music, what ’19 Again’ means to them, and their response to the substantial amount of air play they have received.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves? How did you all meet and when did you form?

Like a lot of bands, all four of us had been playing in different bands around town for a couple of years before we got together. Two of us live together and have been friends for years (when we aren’t arguing about the washing up) and the other two we met along the way. John was the last member to join only a few weeks before our first show!

Despite being classed as a brit-pop/indie band your influences go a lot deeper than that. Is this a group effort, and can you tell us who has had a significant impact on Shiners for your recent releases?

There’s definitely a Brit pop vibe running through a lot of our tracks but there is more if you dig deeper. Part of the reason we have a bit of a Brit Pop thing is due to having some of the same main influences as bands like Suede and Blur such as The Kinks, David Bowie, The Smiths etc. I’m also really into early The Move at the moment and have always been a big Elvis Costello Fan. Rory has always been hugely into grunge and that comes through in some of our melodies, chord changes and lead lines.

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You have been receiving a significant amount of airtime on BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, and Radio X to name a few. Is there a secret to getting noticed that you’re not telling anyone, or is it just down to writing excellent tunes?

We’re really pleased with the way some djs have responded to us and we consider ourselves very lucky to have been given the opportunity to get played on some fantastic shows and stations. I don’t think there’s any big secret to getting played. I think it’s the same with every aspect of being in a band. You hope that people will hear it and make a connection with what we are doing, but you never know how people will react.

’19 Again’ reinvents the classic lust to return back to your youth, with an almost volatile and aggressive song. Were you taking after The Courteeners much for this track, or trying to distance yourself away from that vibe?

I can’t really say I’ve ever listened to The Courteeners and I don’t really know what their vibe is. I grew up on Punk and New-Wave and that stance and attitude have been ingrained in me since a young age. I guess it comes across in our music and I always want the lyrics to say something, be it a story about an older women out on the prowl or the time our drummer get mugged at knife point, I want to say something different or at least put it across in a new and fresh manner.

So far you’ve already headlined around London, at some iconic venues. Are there anymore plans for tours in the future?

In terms of shows we will hopefully do a few dates over the summer and tour in the autumn. We’re already working on our next release and want to get it just right over the summer months before releasing it into the world! When we aren’t doing that though you will probably find is drinking tinnies in the London sun.

This Shiners article was written by John Gittins, a a GIGsoup contributor

BOOM! : Shiners '19 Again'

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