Boom! : shi offline ‘God Is A Witch’

shi offline’s debut single, ‘God Is A Witch’, taken from the bands album ‘Golaya’ is an electronic primordial soup with clinical catchy beats overlaid with playful but hypnotic vocals  – resulting in a compelling ‘modern fairytale’ of a sonic soundscape.  It is hard to decide if it is happy and upbeat, disturbing or melancholy. It is more likely a heady brew of all the above – and some fairy dust besides! Russian born Alisa Tsybina on vocals and German writer Gordian Gleiss certainly bring the quirky and wonderful to the party. Who knows, maybe God really IS a witch after all?!

Like many of us Alisa’s distinction between light and shadow is deeply rooted within herself: “Melancholy is my longest friend. Even as a child I was attracted to gloomy music and nothing moved me more than singing about longing, love and complaining about the system or other injustices. I was never a fan of cheerful music and never understood it. The pastel aesthetics came much later, because looking into the dark for a lifetime is quite dreary and one-sided in the long run”.

Indeeed , who can’t relate?

God Is A Witch Is out now across all download platforms