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BOOM! : Shaman’s Harvest ‘The Come Up’

Jefferson City, Missouri must be proud that rock band, Shaman’s Harvest call this place their hometown. Playing sold out shows all over the United States, Shaman’s Harvest toured Europe at the beginning of the year with Black Stone Cherry. Currently on tour with Daughtry and Nickleback, they have dates scheduled in the United States and Canada.

Shaman’s Harvest recently released their sixth album, Red Hands Black Deeds and have a newly release single, “The Come Up”. GIGsoup had a chance to talk with lead singer Nathan Hunt about their new releases and learn a little about the band…

Thank you for taking the time to talk about your new single “The Come Up”. We would love to learn a little about who Shaman’s Harvest is to get a feeling on how the band came up with the idea for the song and who you are as a band. I’ve heard you describe your sound as “swamp nasty”, could you tell us a little about the band in relation to what kind of music you like to put out?

Anything that feels earthy and soulful. We’re not re-inventing the wheel here, as far as the parts go, but they need to have a groove and an intangible vibe that make them feel genuine. Otherwise we’re just not interested in playing them every night.

Lyrically speaking, your lyrics can be on the heavier darker side of things for most of your albums. Recent songs like “End of Me” talks about being lonely or “In Chains” about being trapped, where do these lyrics come from?

Well, ya see there’s this vault under Mt. Olympus that only lead singers and Gods have the secret password to. You have to battle a real life Manticore while riding a Pegasus every time you write. It’s quite the ordeal, so sometimes I just pick words that sound good together.

Do you think the “Come Up” follows along the same lyrical lines as discussed? If you could explain a little about what kind of message we will hear about in the lyrics of the song.

For that song, I only had to defeat a herd of nunchuck, wielding box turtles so naturally it has a lighter uplifting message to it. It’s really about how when you find yourself in the muck, you sometimes have to find your own way out and accept the things you can’t control, until you can.

Most of your concerts have a meet and greet with you called the “VIP Experience”. A lot of fans love this and clamor at the chance to take part. Why do you think the fans connect with the band and what do they have to look forward to by participating in the VIP Experience?

We just kinda want to show them that we’re a bunch of dudes. We like to find out what the fans lives are like, as well as sharing some of our own stories. They get some swag and shit, but really it’s more about a human experience than anything else. A lot of times we see some of the same people that continuously come out for the VIP and we’ve developed these friendships that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. So there’s a lot of hugging.

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Shaman’s Harvest is constantly on tour. Do you feel that non-stop touring is a necessity due to this day in age, many cities do not even have rock radio stations, especially in the United States? Why do you think that the amount of rock music radio stations have dwindle to almost nothing in the past twenty years?

We don’t really tour out of necessity, but more so because it’s the reason for all of this. It’s the cause rather than the effect. As far as the decline in rock radio, I think it’s not any one thing. You can blame the labels or the stations themselves for over saturation. Or the bands for not evolving or whatever, but the real issue is pop culture has always been cyclical. So not to worry rock fans, it’ll all come back around bigger than ever, despite the rantings of Kanye and Gene Simmons.

The band will be going on tour with Nickleback and Daughtry soon. How did this tour come about? Are these artist bands that you have worked with before?

I never really know how the deals get done behind the scenes. I can tell you Anthony, our agent, worked tirelessly on putting it together. We’ve never even met the bands before this tour was announced. Since it started, both bands have been nothing but super bad ass with us and more genuine than a few bands we’ve toured alongside, and with a fraction of the “star power”. So these dudes are pretty ok in our book, for what it’s worth.

The new album is just around the corner (July 28th, 2017). Can the fans get an idea of what they have to look forward to hearing?

It’s definitely an evolution in our sound. It’s an album that is designed to be experienced as a whole, at least the first listen. There is a whole lot more vibe and you can feel the arc of it.
Red Hands Black Deeds is out on the 28th July 2017, via Mascot records