Imagine what it feels like for a young band to be recording their new single at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios; a place graced by greats such as Elbow, Stereophonics, Doves, Rihanna, Coldplay, The Coral and even Justin Bieber!

Well Parr Street has become a second home to Liverpool band, Seprona who were signed to Parr Street’s own recording label, Rooftop Records last year. GIGsoup’s Jane Davies went along to find out more about the new single, recording in a famous studio and their plans for the summer.

Could you introduce yourselves please…

Hello, my name is Daniel Badger, in the band we have, Mike, Louis, Chris and Niall.

How long have you been going as a group? How did you all meet?

Seprona has been going for about 2 years, but as this line up its been about 3 months. We had a few gigs booked, and to get the band together I asked Chris if he wanted to play bass, and he knew Louis from his class in Uni, and Louis was mates with Mike. Then Niall was in a band with me and Chris in the past and we wanted to get someone in to play keys so it was only right that we asked him to fill in that role.

Describe your sound to us.

I think if we had to put it in genres, it would be like Indie/Rock/alternative, and I would like to think we are somewhere kind of between the three of them, but maybe towing the line towards a slightly heavier side of them, haha. We are a 5 piece band with guitars, bass, drums and keys.

Who have been your principal musical influences?

Personally my influences range from quite a few things, but the main ones are bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Interpol, Royal Blood, I have had a few new people seeping in lately, Richard Hawley, Cameron Avery and as of this weekend Father John Misty, I got to see him play at Glastonbury and was absolutely blown away, his songs are so well written, it was amazing.

What was it like playing at ‘Shine on’ last year alongside Indie greats of the 90’s? Who did you enjoy watching the most?

It was amazing, we had a long journey to get there from Liverpool, and had to leave early in the morning, but we played to quite a big crowd who all seemed to really enjoy it, I had loads of people coming up to me at the end of the show saying they really enjoyed it, which is such an amazing reward. But it was in a Butlin’s resort, so we ended up playing football and pool for a bit to unwind, then went to watch as many people we could, my favourite would have to be Echo and The Bunnymen though. I really enjoyed them. They have some boss songs. There’s no messing about with them, they just get on, play the songs and get off. I think they’re a band who are really confident with their sound and ability, which is always nice to see.

Tell us about your new single. What’s the story behind the song?

The next single is a song called ‘Slow Down.’ It was a song I remember writing in my bedroom, it all happened really quickly with the actual writing of the lyrics, I think I wrote them within like 10 minutes or something. The song is about having an argument with someone you love basically, like the idea that you don’t want to be arguing but you are annoyed with them, and then feeling guilty after its all blown over haha. Not that I am a very argumentative person usually, but that must have just been what was playing on my mind as I was writing the words. But I really like the lyrics in this song, it’s really honest, and I would like to think that shows through to people who are listening to it. I think it’s important to be honest when writing songs, because it seems to resonate with people more.

What’s it been like recording at the famous Parr Street Studios? Has it been exciting or a bit imposing, knowing about the many greats that have graced the studio?

It’s amazing, I really love the studio. It’s not imposing at all, we have recorded there quite a lot now, so it’s got a kind of homely feel to it for us. We get on well with all the engineers and producers in there which is why I think the songs we have done there have turned out so well. As well while you’re making a cup of tea in the kitchen and you see the gold and platinum disks on the wall you kind of think well if they can do it then we can too. I just hope we get to add one to it haha. While we were recorded our last singles, Blossoms were in the studio recording their album too, so seeing them being excited about recording their album and seeing where they are now is very inspiring.

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What can the audience expect at a Seprona gig?

Hopefully a really great show, we have practiced our set to perfect as we can, we are very proud of all the songs and we enjoy playing them a lot. I hope that comes across to the people watching, and that they want to get involved in enjoy themselves. I love nothing more than going to a gig and really getting lost in it, going home not being able to talk because you’ve screamed every word at the top of your voice. I hope that is what we can offer to people.

What are Seprona’s plans for the second half of this year?

The second half of the year looks set to be very busy, we have been fairly quiet for the first half, after the success of our last single, I felt it was important not to rush into our next move, so we have taken a bit of time to plan things a bit better, we have two singles ready to go, ‘Slow Down’, then the next in a few months. We will be finishing this tour, then we will be planning a bigger one for later on in the year. This tour was kind of to get ourselves back playing again and get our name about, but we feel like we are on the cusp of doing something really good. The songs we have been writing are better, and the performances have been even better, and I think now is the time for us to build on what we have done before and really push on as much as we can by the end of this year.

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