BOOM! : Seegulls ‘Eat Lazarus Eat’

What springs to mind when you think of Chester? The Races? The Roman town? Seat of musical excellence? It’s actually 20 years since local band Mansun burst on the scene, and Chester band Seegulls think it is high time the city reclaimed its place on the indie rock map with the help of their new single, ‘Eat Lazarus Eat’.

Hello Seegulls! Could you introduce yourselves please?

We are James Kitchen, Cash Burns, Ellis Lincoln, Matthew Carney and Joshua Goodyear.

How did you get together? Where you at school together?

We all met at uni; we all study the same course together so it was kind of inevitable that we’d form a band at some point!

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How do you describe your sound?

Familiar but different. Accessible but with an edge.

Who are your musical influences?

We all listen to so many different bands, so a bit of everything seeps in! The Libertines, The Strokes and Bloc Party come to mind immediately, but Ellis is dead into metal, Matty likes things with crazy noises in, Cash loves his math rock and the power that we have in the band is down to Josh’s Led Zeppelin and Arctic Monkeys obsession. I’m obsessed with punk music so I’d always say we’re a punk band but we’re totally not.

Have you done many gigs yet? What’s the best one you have done so far?

We’ve gigged looooads — we’ve been gigging as much as we can for the last two years. There’s been loads to choose from — supporting the Sherlocks was a sick gig, we’ve played many crazy gigs in Manchester and Liverpool — I think our hometown show at Alexanders in Chester the other day topped it — mad scenes.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Her’s, Colour, the new Haim stuff, Everything Everything, Talking Heads.

Are you playing any local festivals this year?

We’re playing Chester Live festival on 24th June with Wide Eyed Boy and Allusondrugs which is gonna be sublime.

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Are you going to watch any big festivals this year? Tell us about any funny festival experiences you have had.

Me, Ellis and Cash are heading down to Bristol to ArcTanGent festival; that’s gonna be mad. Cash had an experience at Leeds Festival when one of his mates had a shit in a bag and another lad threw it as far as he could. Someone threw it back, but it went in a completely different direction and split in mid air. A beautiful story, you can agree.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Push ‘Lazarus’ as far as it can possibly go down people’s throat and then just go with the flow.

Where can we see you play next?

We’re headlining a venue called Aatma in Manchester with The Manalishi and Sauce on 23rd June — all money we make from that gig is going to the families of the victims of the MEN arena attacks.