Having had the first single ‘Going Places’ from their debut EP played on BBC Radio 6 music and BBC Radio by none other than Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ front man Huey Morgan, GIGsoup were excited to catch up with Secret Cameras on the eve of their second single launch ‘It Doesn’t Matter’. They play a version of synth laden indie rock well known to fans of Depeche Mode, White Lies and Editors; modern with a retro feel, tortured and upbeat, driven by melody, melancholy and a catchy chorus, routed in the origins of the independent record companies of the 80s and 90s.  

Who are Secret Cameras? 

We all have history: I am vocals, guitar and synth and I come originally from Israel, my previous band (named Itamar) supported Suede and played festivals with artists like The Cribs and The Charlatans. Kristian (Lead Guitar) is English and used to be in a band called Carlis Star, who have been on the Club NME Tour, headlined KoKo, and played at numerous festivals such as Leeds, SXSW in the US. Dimitris (Drums) is Greek and used to work as a session player with famous artists back in Greece and finally Sam (Bass) is half French / half English and comes from a musical family (his dad is a professional classical musician in France). 

Where did the name come from? 

It’s very difficult to find a name that’s not taken, almost impossible. Myself and Kristian (ok, mainly Kristian) were bouncing name ideas around but every time we thought up something potentially good, we searched and found it was already taken which was frustrating. Kristian came up with Secret Cameras, we checked and it wasn’t taken. We uttered a sigh of relief as it sounds good and seemed to tick a few boxes. 

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What inspires your songs? 

Mainly events that happen to me and people around me, stuff I see on the news / TV etc. Last year I remember writing a new song after watching the season 5 finale of Homeland. Although, one of the lead characters who seemed to be dead in season 5 is now alive on Season 6 so I might have to change the lyrics for that one. My family are quite dysfunctional too so they’re a big inspiration (thanks mom and dad, you’re the best)  

Do you all have similar music taste or is it a diverse mix? 

Kristian and I have pretty much the same taste, it always surprises me when I mention some not very famous indie/alt band that I like and Kristian says “I have a few of their albums”. It happens quite often. Sam shares some of our taste but also likes all sort of Jazz stuff that I don’t really know much about and Dimitris listens to every sort of music, as long as it’s good. 

How would you describe your music in 4 words! 

Indie meets Synth Pop (usually spelled Synthpop but you asked for 4 words;) 

You’ve supported some great acts but who would you love to open for? 

Personally, supporting Depeche Mode would be my ultimate dream gig, but I’d also love us to support Radiohead, The National, The Killers (and many other bands that have been an inspiration to me) 

You’re playing Camden Rocks this year, where is a good place to have a drink between acts? 

So many options, just walk up on Chalk Farm Road and that area, I’m sure you will find something. World’s End is pretty good, they usually play good rock music there. 

Any gossip/ anecdotes from your life on the road?  

We had an Ex guitarist who got very drunk on the first day of the tour, locked himself out of the room and almost got arrested. The moral of this tale is: If you have an alcoholic band member then fire them before going on tour.

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