SALT 'Don't Look At Me That Way'

BOOM! : SALT ‘Don’t Look At Me That Way’

Today’s track of the day comes from rock-piece SALT with the high-energy, guitar-heavy ‘Don’t Look At Me That Way’.

The band have spent the last couple of years developing their narrative-driven rock’n’roll and have gained a reputation for their intense packed out live shows around their hometown of High Wycombe and more recently London.

This new track captures this live energy, carried forward by forceful percussion and crunching guitars with an evocative and emotional vocal delivery. Its stirring verses lead into a typically anthemic and swelling chorus, very much befitting of their stadium-ready sound. Its accompanying video is striking in its visuals, capturing the band in smoky and atmospheric monochrome before being submerged in neon colours; used as a metaphor for the emotions behind the song.

We caught up with the band to hear about the song, the concept behind the video and what else is coming up.

Hi guys, can you tell us about ‘Don’t Look At Me That Way’? How did you come up with the concept for the video?

“That’s a good question. Frankie was going on about some weird idea that he had for the E.P. cover. Something about a girl rising from a bath with all these different colour bright fluorescent paints. We got together to work out if it could be done and quickly realised that it would probably cost an absolute fortune. Jack, one of our guitarists, seemed to remember that there was this chemical stuff that reacts with water. Obviously filling a bath with water is a lot cheaper than paint so we ran with the idea. When we hooked up with director Peter Roe we started to think of story lines but none of them seemed to get across the image we were hoping to portray. Then it was suggested we just went crazy with this green fluorescent stuff.

What’s the significance of the green?

‘Within the video we’ve used the green to help convey a metaphor. The idea being that the green signifies the incorrect feelings. The song is about a dream and when you wake up the dream was so vivid you can’t help but think it was real. The idea is that this girl in the bath is running through this dram in her mind. Our band playing is all just apart of her dream/ nightmare.”

What inspires your songwriting?

“Girls. Ha ha. No, lyrically were quite story driven. I think a lot of our earlier songs were based on relationships and ex relationships but more recently we’ve moved away from that theme. Musically, I feel that our music is is driven by our live shows. We gig as often as possible and there’s nothing worse than playing to a room that looks bored. Lucky we haven’t had too many of those recently.”

For those that haven’t heard it, how would you describe your music?

“What a horrible question. Ha ha . Well somebody once said we were like a cross between Kings of Leon mixed with The Doors and I think all of our trousers started to rise slightly. We really do try to come forward with our own sound but I guess you’ll always be compared to others. As long as we’re being compared to somebody with a bit of energy and charisma then were happy.”

Who are your big musical influences?

“Well straight away I think we’d actually say The Beatles. I know a lot of people might say that’s an easy answer but we always end up talking about them no matter what happens. Maybe they’re were so influential you just can’t help but avoid them. I think within the band it vary’s quite significantly though. You can quite often catch Frankie listening to some Otis Redding, Jack is hugely into Radiohead, Sam’s a bit cooler you’ll find him listening to Led Zeppelin or Bowie, Dean loves a bit of Oasis and Ryan maybe a bit more modern with something like Green Day or Royal Blood.”

What else is coming up for the band?

“Well we’ve just been added to the line up for Blogtober fest and we’re playing at 9 o’clock, 30th October. So were really excited for that.

In the long run though. We were lucky enough to recently record at Abbey Road after winning an online completion so in a few months we’ll have another E.P. For everybody. We’ve been approached by a few management companies but don’t feel we’ve found the right one just yet; but that’s definitely something were interested in.

Apart from that just playing live shows and trying to have the best time possible doing it.”

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