Today’s track of the day comes from Saint PHNX who have exploded onto the scene with their huge debut track ‘Reload’.

Saint PHNX are made up of two brothers, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Stevie Jukes and drummer Alan Jukes. Hailing from Wishaw, on the outskirts of Glasgow, the duo have played in bands together around the city’s music scene since their teens but recently made the decision to go it alone as a pair. Full of ambition and drive, they released their debut single ‘Reload’ at the start of this month and are currently working on their first album together.

Despite being only a duo, Saint PHNX have shown they have the ability to create a vast stadium-rock sound thanks to their soaring hooks and anthemic style of writing, topped by Stevie Jukes’ impressive vocals. ‘Reload’ has already had a great response, gaining support from the likes of BBC Introducing, Spotify and Q Magazine with the band being compared to huge rock acts like Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood and Imagine Dragons. If that’s not enough to get excited about, then they’ve also sold out their debut live show at Nice n Sleazy’s in Glasgow. If you want to hear a solid piece of anthemic indie rock, then this is for you.

We caught up with the band to hear about the new song and their ambitions for the future…

Hey guys, can you tell us about ‘Reload’ and what it’s about?

The song comes from watching the news one day – headline after headline was about war. It got me thinking that throughout the history of time there’s always been conflict and man never seems to learn from their mistakes, we just reload and that’s where the line came from. We wanted the song to sort of emulate the feel that we’re actually in a war, that was a key idea behind it.

It’s had a great response so far; has it surpassed your expectations or anything?

The response has been immense, and we’re really overwhelmed by it! I guess we didn’t expect such a big response so fast.

Saint PHNX is your new musical venture so how did it come about? How does it differ from your previous bands like Vigo Thieves etc?

I think being in a band where five individuals are in involved means you don’t get to do what you want to do creatively as a songwriter. We both have different aspirations musically and this lead us to begin jamming together and writing songs. One day, we just wrote a song together and things just clicked, through that process things started to unfold and it has lead us to where we are now.

Who are your big musical influences?

In terms of sound then it’s got to be Kasabian, Kanye West, Imagine Dragons and X Ambassadors.

What inspires your song-writing?

I’d say there’s a personal element through all of our songs. We try to reflect what’s going on in our lives and hope people will connect. We aim for universal themes that people can identify with.

What are your ambitions for Saint PHNX?

The philosophy is to keep doing what we’re doing and to enjoy it. We’re coming from a working class background and a working class town, we’ve had to fight and work for everything we’ve got. We’re only getting started man. The fact of the matter is we’re doing a hobby and making it a reality day after day. We’ll just continue to work hard and achieve big things.

What else can we expect in 2016?

We have our debut show on the 21st July at Nice n Sleazy’s in Glasgow then we’re straight into another video shoot for our 2nd single. We will be announcing big tour news very soon also!

This Saint PHNX article was written by Suzanne Oswald, a GIGsoup contributor. 

BOOM! : Saint PHNX 'Reload'

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