Electro-pop trio Rumours recently released a brilliant new single called ‘Ways’ – a hypnotic and ethereal mix of soulful beats and gorgeous vocals. Steadily on the rise for the last few years, the Norwegian-Italian band is making a name for themselves across London’s live music venues and Europe’s festivals. We caught up with Mark, Fede and Marion to talk about their new single and what the future holds for Rumours.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and your journey as a band so far? 

Mark: Fede and I grew up together in a small town in Italy where we went to the same high school. We’ve built a strong friendship and have been making music together for years. Marion grew up in Oslo, Norway. We all met in 2013 while studying music at a university in West London… Well, actually we met at a party! Fede and I had already started working on Rumours, and were looking for a female singer. Rumours still a work in progress as our sound keeps evolving. We released our first track together in 2015 and we’ve been on a pretty cool journey together since then.

What do you answer when people find out you’re in a band and ask what you sound like?

Fede: I always find it quite hard to explain what we sound like (which probably isn’t a good thing…). I always say ‘electronic pop’ with a touch of soul. I could compare the project to Banks or similar artists that inspire us. We all listen to a lot of different music so our influences change all the time.

Your latest single ‘Ways’ was released just a few days ago. How did the song come about, what inspired you for it?

Fede: It’s actually quite funny how this track came about. Our good friend and bass player Jason and I put down an instrumental demo of this track back in 2014. I was tidying up my hard drive a month ago and I found it on there. I sent it over to Mark, and he worked his lyrical magic on it, and a month later we released it!

Music fans nowadays are oversaturated with music through streaming services and social media, but at the same time these are the most important tools for a young band to reach new people. What are some of the pleasant experiences and worst nightmares you come across when fighting for people’s attention online?

Marion: As an independent artist with sparse resources, it is quite hard to get a lot of online attention. The most challenging thing for us has been to be able to release music consistently. We’ve had a couple of songs which have done quite well in terms of online exposure, but then for different reasons, we haven’t been able to follow up properly. We have played a lot of good shows in the past couple of years and have worked hard on our live set, which we feel is one of our strongest points. We now have a lot of material ready, and hopefully releasing more often and consistently will help us gain some more online following.

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What do you find most challenging about being a young band in London?

Mark: Definitely being able to support the project financially. Probably the same problems as any artist starting out, having to work and to still have the time to do music.

If you could only take one album on a desert island, what would it be?

Fede:  Do You Want More by The Roots
Marion: Currently obsessed with Melodrama by Lorde.
Mark: Portraits by Maribou State

What is next on the agenda for Rumours?

Mark: Releasing new music, playing live, releasing more new music, and playing live again! We have a new single and music video coming out in April and a lot of cool shows across London booked until June. So exciting times ahead for us!

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