Melancholic Hip-Hop artist Rex Domino has released a new single.

In the past, Rex Domino has collaborated with Shlomo, Reeps One and Dj Yoda. With such collaborations under his belt, Rex is now taking the time to find his trademark sound. Unlike many hip-hop songs today, ‘Haitian Landmass’ thrives on lyricism and electronic vibes.

Even with his no doubt busy schedule, Rex Domino made some room to talk to Gig Soup contributor Josh Myers about his new track.

Let’s start with the name of the track. Where did you come up with the title? What’s the meaning behind it?

The title is a strange one and is called Haitian Landmass for a weird reason. I have coined this era of life the “Future 80’s”. Thatcherite decline swap NF with UKIP etc.., it’s quite an easy (if not lazy) parallel to draw. One lyric of a tune that rightfully never has seen the light of day was “If were living in the future 80’s Wyclef Jean goes back to Haiti”. This stemmed a tangent of some kind of fictional interventionist war with the nation which parallels real pointless conflict within the world. All somewhat peculiar and obscure to explain but that is where it comes from.

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The music video for your song is kind of on the abstract side. Is there significance to the style of the video?

The video is very much abstract and glitchy. It’s the work of one of the song Producers and very talented visual artist Polar Kid. Aesthetically, it’s trying to convey the intensely broken mind of the protagonist and the meandering  thoughts of someone that’s been radicalised.

For some listening to this song, it may be their first time hearing of you. I know that’s true in my case. How about a little background about yourself? How long have you been producing music/rapping?

I’ve been involved in songwriting and music for a while now, maybe 7/8 years. I’ve gone from silly singer songwriter ukulele numbers to ska/punk bands and these days getting more into lyric oriented dub and electronica. I’m from Portsmouth on the South Coast and my hometown atmosphere has informed my writing. There’s a syndical nonsense vibe to the place. There’s also never been a huge audience or market for the kind of music I found myself wanting to make/perform so that kind of perverse urge to make weird subversive stuff has always been something that’s driven me.

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In 2015 I collaborated on the Breakfast Of Champions project with DJ Yoda which gave me my first taste of performing in a legitimate spheres and also in a Hip Hop environment. This taught me allot about the kind of stuff I want to make. I’m currently working with two very talented producers/artists from Jitter Jazz “Polar Kid” & “PONDOO” on all of the tracks I’m putting out including this one. It’s a collaborative co writing/producing process that seems to really get across the sentiments of the words sonically and vice versa.

After hearing this song I decided to dig a little deeper myself, and I found out you performed at SXSW in America! How was that experience?

SXSW was amazing, it was my first time in the States and an honour to able to perform in such an environment. I was hosting a stage for Sunday Best, working with Soho Radio and featuring with DJ Yoda. I met allot of interesting people and saw some incredible music. Things move fast over there and the pace of the festival is infectious and motivating.

I also came across footage of you performing your song, with just a ukulele, at Sofar London. Really liked the stripped down version! Any chance you’ll release the song as an acoustic?

I really enjoying performing in those kind of environments as it allows me to fully get the words across. I’ve no immediate plans to release an acoustic version however I can foresee the song being reincarnated in various ways as time goes on.  

This song has really sparked an interest for me personally in your music. So it has me wondering, can we expect to see more music from you throughout 2017? Is there possibly an album in the works?

There’s lots of music in the works at the moment and some new tracks will definitely be surfacing in 2017.

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