BOOM! : Ralph Taylor ‘Animals’

20 year old London based artist Ralph Taylor released his new single ‘Animals’ on November 26th.  Inspired by the likes of Prince, Jamie Woon, and Rex Orange County, Ralph create a sounds that combines crisp pop hooks, deep grooves and honest lyrics.  

A celebration of life and friendship, despite the cards that life sometimes deals, ‘Animals’ comes backed by an-ape heavy video directed by Andy Banjanin.  Shot largely in and around London Fields, with the interior scenes shot at Ralph’s place in Deptford, you can take a look at the video below: 

When did you start making music?

I started writing when I was around 11

Were you always a solo artist?

No no. From around 11-13 I was in a rap duo with a best friend of mine. We were called Jr.RT and we even had matching hoodies. I now live in a house with that same friend, but sadly Jr.RT has yet to make their return.

What other artists have influenced your sound?

The likes of Tom Misch and Jamie Woon have both been massive influences to me over the last couple years or so. With Woon, seeing how well he transformed his songs from being on an acoustic guitar to a full production was really interesting. As of late, Prince has been a massive influence… I think this has been coming through more in the songs I’ve been working on recently.

What was the inspiration behind your new single ’Aniamals’?

The inspiration came from a time where death was feeling a bit too present in my life. I wanted to express the emotions that it brings, but keep a positive feel to it as well. As my wonderfully-mad-mum always told me, where there’s life there’s hope.

What message does the video deliver?

When it came to the video I wanted to take a more lighthearted approach and have a bit of fun with it. Everyone has a naughty side (their cheeky monkey) and the Monkey in my video symbolises that; the part of me that doesn’t always make the best decisions, but that I wouldn’t really want to live without. So, I guess the message could be saying, ‘don’t worry if you feel alone, just see what your monkey’s saying’.

What are your aims and hopes for the end of 2018 and then 2019?

I’m really keen to be releasing as much music as possible next year. I feel my writing is reaching a new stage and I’m excited to be able to share that. My biggest passion is performing, so I’d love to head back out on the road with my band and maybe even venture out the country. Festival season should be fun too.

What are your favourite albums of 2018?

I’ve really enjoyed Maribou States new album, ‘Kingdom in Colours’.

I’ll also give credit to Kanye West’s, ‘Ye’. In a time where people are so easily offended by almost anything, it’s easy to censor yourself as an artist. Not this guy though. He says whatever he wants. I don’t necessarily love everything he is saying, but I think it’s admirable either way.

In all honesty though, 2018 hasn’t been a massive album year for me. I am excited for a few new albums that are set for 2019 though.

Animals is available now via Casual Records Club