BOOM! : Rainbrother 'Blue'

BOOM! : Rainbrother ‘Blue’

‘Blue’ is the latest single from Danish outfit Rainbrother; the new band to be spearheaded by Bjarke Bendsten. Previously known as frontman of psychedelic folk band The Migrant, Rainbrother have become the vehicle through which Bendsten can delve further into his eclectic influences and experimental tendencies.

This latest track is taken from their debut album Tales From The Drought, due for release on February 3rd, and it has already garnered a significant amount of online interest. Warm, comforting and affecting all at once, it is full of wistful guitars, steady beats and soft vocals; its delightful melodies and poetic charm reminiscent of bands such as Whitney and Fleet Foxes.

As interest continues to swell around the group, it comes as no surprise that they have been picked to play SXSW this year. GIGsoup caught up with them to hear more about the single and what’s coming up.

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Hi guys, can you tell us a bit about ‘Blue’ and what inspired it?

Hi! Well, an abundance of love, it gets really heavy and deep blue if you have to carry it around, and your mind plays tricks on you.

Is it a good indication of what to expect on the album? What can you tell us about Tales From The Drought?

There are definitely a few “upbeat” crooked pop songs on this album, but they all have their own vibe and temperature, and colour… Some of the songs are also quite different than Blue, slower I suppose.

How does your Rainbrother material differ from your earlier work with The Migrant?

Rainbrother is maybe a bit more dirty and a wee less folky… and we’re a real band now which makes the vibes slightly different. But the last Migrant album was also recorded live with a band so I think that last album was kind of a natural transition to Rainbrother land.

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Do you think that the popularity of bands such as Whitney, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes etc have paved the way for bands like yourselves?

Probably, but to us the real pavers are still the heroes of the 60s and 70s like Neil Young, Dylan and Pink Floyd. We’re all building on top of those dinosaurs.

What is the music scene like in Copenhagen? How does it differ to the rest of Europe?

It’s hard to say when you’re right in the middle of it. Maybe polished intelligent electro pop is doing a bit better here than in the rest of the world, but besides that it seems that the scene here is just really diverse. People are quite safe and comfortable in Denmark as well and you can hear that in the music sometimes too, unfortunately, but that’s the way it is. Luckily we have the long dark winters and most of us have a Lars Von Trier deep within, for better or worse.

You’re playing SXSW in March; how important are showcases like these for the band? Will you treat it differently or just like another show?

It’s great for upcoming bands to have an opportunity to play at a market place where a lot of potential partners get drunk and interested. A lot of them will most likely just get drunk but anyway, you gotta keep fishing. And we’re looking so much forward to be in Austin that week. Maybe the highlight will be a house show or skinny dipping in the Green belt, but being booked for an official showcase is obviously a good chance and a good excuse to go. And we usually have fun playing no matter what.

BOOM! : Rainbrother 'Blue'