Drawing on the sound of The Strokes, Nirvana and Blur, the West London trio Ragman’s Daughter have spent a year hiding away in the city suburbs refining their sound and writing music for 2018.

Their debut single ‘Lazy’ which was recorded at RYP​ Recordings​ HQ with producer Michael​ ​Smith​ (Anteros, Kid Wave, Wolf Alice), and mastered at Metropolis​ ​Studios,​ has already gained praise and airtime from Gareth Lloyd at BBC​ ​Introducing​.
It’s already a very promising start for such a new band, we had a quick chat to band members Leon and Jesse to find out how they met, their thoughts about being in a band, and what their new single is all about. ​

Can you tell us how you all met?

Leon: Rory & me had been writing and playing songs for ourselves for ages, but never doing anything with it… I’ll let Jesse finish this.

Jesse: I met Leon many years ago and I think I’ve tried to join every band that he’s played in, but he’d never let me. When I left my old band, Leon sent me a few demos and asked me to be involved. After all that rejection, I should have told him to do one, but I really like the songs.

How did you come up with your band name?

Leon: I was going through a phase of watching old Kitchen Sink dramas and I quite liked the name of that one… I’ve still never watched or read the book.

Jesse: We went to a BBC Introducing event last month, to network, but then we realised when we got there that we didn’t even have a band name to network with. Genius. I think we decided on Ragman’s Daughter a day or two after, but it works.

Your debut single is called ‘Lazy’ what is it about?

Leon: Ex bosses, ex girlfriends, family, and therapy…. generally people who want me to have a career in anything but music.

How did you decide which song to release as a debut single?

Jesse: We were working on a few different ones to begin with, but then it just became obvious to everyone that Lazy was the one and would be the first single.

Leon: I guess because it’s quite radio friendly sounding, relatable and captures the best of our style of writing.

Do you write individually or collaboratively?

Leon: At the moment, we’ve just been trying to tidy up the songs I’ve written at home. Although, every time we try to work on one of them, we end up writing something completely new as a band.

Jesse: Yeah, it’s great because the studio process in this band is great. We can try anything and everything, write entire songs and then we decide to use them or not. It’s very democratic.

Who are your musical influences?

Leon: I like the Beatles, Nirvana, early Hole and all the obvious noughties indie bands. Jehst and Task Force are probably influential, lyrically.

Jesse: Again, Nirvana. I’m a huge Rage Against The Machine fan and have been getting into Descendants lately. Leon got me really into Skaters, I think I like them more that he does now.

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You’ve been in a few other bands, so what is it you enjoy about being in a band?

Leon: It’s different for me. The other bands I’ve been in; I’ve just been a bass player or lead guitarist. Those were enjoyable for me as I wasn’t worried about people analysing the song writing or my singing, so I could just do what I wanted and walk around the stage. But at the same time, having the opportunity to finally play my own songs to people with a band I fully trust is going to be a massive buzz.

Are there any other upcoming bands that you like at the moment?

Leon: I’ve not had my ear to the ground as much as Jesse. Probably Honey Lung, Eats Away and Elêphant.

Jesse: DMAs, but they’re pretty big now, I think. Honey Lung for sure and I can’t get Pale Waves out of my head, as much I want to. Darlia, Darwinie and In Search of Sun should all be checked out.

Have you got any upcoming events or gigs that you want to tell us about?

Rory: We actually haven’t even played any gigs yet and the first one probably won’t be until around February. People can follow us on Facebook or visit us at http://ragmansdaughter.co.uk/ for updates.

Jesse: The debut single is out on December 8th via RYP Recordings.

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