BOOM! : Proletariat ‘Mr. Brown’

So many great music artists have come out of Manchester over the years, some would say it’s where the worlds greatest bands are born; think Blossoms and Cabbage just over the last few months! The most recent fresh new band hoping to follow in their footsteps is Proletariat, the four piece from Mossley have just released their debut single ‘Mr. Brown’ and from the sounds of it, you do not want to miss out on this band’s rise to fame!

The new single features an insanely good punk guitar riff that will be running through your head for days on end. Along side aggressive, grungy vocals and lyrics that bring out the true Northernness in the lads; “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. He can’t wait to go, ‘cause he thinks it’s fucking boring”.

‘Mr. Brown’ is the lead single from Proletariat’s debut EP ‘Always The Same’ released on the 5th May with a launch gig at Jimmy’s that night. From what we’ve heard so far, Proletariat are without doubt a band to keep your eyes on over the next few months. Another brilliant addition to the punk rock force that is slowing clawing it’s way back into the music scene. If you’re looking for an energetic, raucous punk rock quartet with just a dash of the Sex Pistols; you’d better get on Proletariat’s band wagon before it gets rolling.

Congratulations on your debut single ‘Mr. Brown’! How does it feel to release it into the world?

Ta very much! It feels absolutely great to finally be able to hear it. It’s a track that we wrote right back in the early days of our formation as a band, and over that time it’s really developed into something that has this huge gritty energy about it. Since we started gigging it’s definitely become some what of a crowd favourite, so it feels great to have it out there for the rest of the world to absorb.

Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the song?

‘Mr. Brown’ is ultimately a concept; the bottom line is that it’s something you can’t escape from. Whether that’s a bad habit or a haunting memory, everyone has their own ‘Mr. Brown’. A lot of people think that it’s about heroin, but I can’t say that, at the age of twenty, any of us have delved into it so it’s definitely not about that. ‘Mr. Brown’ is the demon that lives in all of us.

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The video for ‘Mr. Brown’ has just been released, do you have any highlights from filming?

Filming for the video was great, we had so much fun. We’d never done anything in terms of filming before, and all we had on our social media before hand was live videos that people had filmed themselves; so we really wanted to get it right. The highlight was definitely watching ‘Mr. Brown’ (our mate Chris) go mental during filming. We told him to do what he wanted and he absolutely nailed it, he was throwing shit off balconies and kicking doors through; we ended up being a little bit scared of him ourselves!

What’s your creative process as a band?

I don’t think we really have one! It’s always a mixed bag when it comes to us creating. We tend to do things in the heat of the moment, when we’re in the garage we spend a lot of time jamming and anticipating those riffs or beats that make you stop for a second. There’s been plenty of times where we’ve found something we like and then the lyrics have come about on the spot. I write lyrics at home but often they just join the ‘maybe’ pile. A lot of the time the mood that we’re in on the days we go into the garage dictates how things go, but we tend to try and not overthink anything, usually if we spend months on a song we end up scrapping it because it just doesn’t feel as true as it was at the start of the process.

Proletariat (pronounced pro-le-tar-i-at) is an interesting name choice, can you explain how it came about?

It actually came about from my college days, I used to love Sociology and the word is just something that’s stuck with me ever since. Proletariat is a Marxist term which when put simply refers to the working class, and being a group of lads from Mossley (Manchester) which is an industrial town, we just thought it fitted us well. It’s unique which we like, we wanted something that would be a little bit ambiguous and mysterious. It definitely seems that way, as nobody can spell or pronounce it.

You describe yourselves as high energy 70’s punk, who are some of your main influences?

It was actually someone else that described us as that, but I definitely wouldn’t disagree with it. There’s tonnes of influences that creep in, in terms of that 70’s punk influence there’s the obvious ones such as The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and The Cramps, and one of our all-time idols is definitely Iggy Pop. But there’s some much more contemporary influences in there too; we grew up listening to Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and Kasabian, and we also love the likes of Slaves and Rage Against The Machine… there’s definitely a mixed bag.

http://www.gigsoupmusic.comCan you give us an insight into the background of Proletariat?

Connor (lead guitar) has always been a great friend of mine, and I’ve always known how great he is on guitar, we call him our ginger Jimi Hendrix, so one day I just said ‘why don’t we give it a go?’ and that’s how it was born! We recruited Aaron (bass) a few months later, and then Luke (drums) is actually our newest addition. We played our first ever gig supporting Luke’s old band! We asked him to fill in for a couple of gigs last November and we managed to keep him with us. With Luke and the current line-up as it is everything just feels the way it should be, we’re more creative because we’re having a laugh along the way.

Your debut EP ‘Always The Same’ is released on the 5th May! What’s your personal favourite track?

Personally I’d have to go with the title track, I love performing that, I think it brings out the true grit that I never really knew I had. But ‘Mr. Brown’ has to be up there too, that’s like our baby.

Do you have any memorable moments from creating the EP?

I think one of them was probably writing and recording the second track ‘Derogatory’. We wrote it three days before we hit the studio so we didn’t know how it was gonna go, and when we heard it back for the first time we couldn’t get over how huge it sounded. We also didn’t realise how much the chorus would sound like Nirvana, so we’re expecting a lawsuit from somebody associated with them soon.

You’re performing at Jimmy’s in association with This Feeling on Friday 5th May for your EP launch, how are you feeling about this gig?

We can’t wait to get to Jimmy’s, to celebrate the release of our first ever EP in the city’s best new venue is exciting to say the least. We’ll be premiering some of our newest material at the gig as well which will be a touch different, so that’s something we’re excited about. We just can’t wait to get on that stage and cause a ruckus.

Manchester’s music scene is buzzing with fresh new talent at the minute, who have you got your eyes and ears on?

Manchester’s always been an absolutely incredible place for it’s creative offerings, and I don’t think that will ever change. Having the likes of the Roses, Oasis and The Smiths (to name a few) come from the city there’s always a huge amount of pressure on our bands, but I think it’s just as good now. Being from Mossley, we’re always showing our support for Cabbage; those guys are absolutely incredible, it’s great to see them doing so well and flying the Mossley flag high. There’s also the likes of The Blinders who are insane, and we have our mates in Shadow Palace who everyone should check out.

What can we expect from you in the next few months?

Plenty! The next few months look to be amazing for us, we’ve just been announced to play the first ever Cotton Clouds Festival on August 12th, which is headlined by The Coral, and features the likes of Clint Boon and The Blinders, so we can’t wait for that. We’ve also got another huge announcement coming soon in regards to another festival, but we can’t say much just yet. We’ll be heading back to the studio to record another couple of tracks around June time, so there’ll be more for people to feast on. The tunes are getting better and bigger, so we can’t wait to keep on showing the world what we’re made of.