Liverpool appears to have produced another successful, young band in the form of Indie rockers Polar States. The band released their single ‘Gold’, on the 7th April which features on the EP ‘Electric’.

Polar States are currently in the middle of their UK tour, which began in Liverpool and takes them to Scunthorpe on the 5th August.

Upon release of their latest single, the band chatted to GIGsoup’s James Handler about their latest release, festivals and how they formed…

You don’t sound similar to any other bands around at the moment. How would you describe your sound, and which bands have inspired you to sound this way?

Hi James. I think we’re still developing and learning what makes us tick, so the sound you’re hearing is us going through that process. Maybe we don’t sound like anyone because we sound a bit like everyone and as time goes on we’ll really strip all our influences away.

I see that this single is written about valuing what you have. Do these lyrics come from any particular events in your life, or are they just a general statement?

The song was inspired by a two ideas, as is common for our songs. It was inspired by a girl I knew at Uni who would always get me up in the middle of the night, usually drunk and upset. It was also inspired by the idea that we’re all so bombarded with materialistic wealth, it’s easy to forget that real value lies in the people around you.

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How long have you been playing together for? Where did you meet and realise that you could be in a band?

We’ve been together since Jan 2015. Phill and I knew each other for years, Josh was in a mate’s band and the day we met up we got stuck in a lift together – true story. Dan came along at the end when we started looking for a drummer. I don’t think you realise you can be in a band so much, you just decide that you don’t want to do anything else. So you all get in a room and make it happen. It either works or it doesn’t.

Where did the name Polar States come from?

We write slow songs and fast songs that are sometimes melancholic, sometimes optimistic. So the name pulls all of this together.

What does it feel like to sell out an o2 Academy twice? That’s something that most bands aspire to do!

The o2 is one of our favourite venues, so selling it out was very special. But we don’t really dwell on any kind of success because we have so much to focus on in terms of getting better. Its all about what’s next really and we’ve got a ton of work to do!

If you could choose one UK Festival to play on the main stage at, which one would it be and why?  

Headline Glastonbury. It’s the best festival in the world and that is the best slot!

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What can we expect from your upcoming EP ‘Electric’? Does it have a similar sound to ‘Gold’?

Not really, and that was the point. It was meant as a bookmark of a period of time. We wanted something that reflected the two years of us being a band and the different things we’d tried during that time. ‘Shimmer’ is 2 years old and had loads of versions, hence why its in 2 parts. ‘Electric’ made it onto the pile at the very end because it had an energy we couldn’t ignore.

Your tour is already underway. How is it going so far? Has your new music been received well by your audiences?

We’re actually getting ready for festival season now. It’s all going very well, people are being really supportive of everything we release so far on, and off stage.

Do you have any advice for bands trying to get their music heard? How did you go about getting known?

Keep working! There’s no formula other than to keep improving yourself. We’re nobodies at the moment, we’re just trying to make something we’re proud of and hope that people like it.

Lastly: think of one question that you wish I’d asked you. Answer that!

“What’s my favourite biscuit?” It’s a dilemma.