A born performer, Rory Kaye was a 90’s baby. Born in London, growing up on the road, with stints in Middlesbrough, Manchester and Southern Spain. Rory’s childhood was soundtracked by a mix of albums by Eminem, Black Eyed Peas and The Beatles among others. As Kaye hit adolescence, his tastes evolved and he began to listen to rock bands such as the Foo Fighters and Slipknot, who inspired Kaye’s first musical project, Rory Indiana, a critically acclaimed band with Radio 1 plays on Daniel P Carter’s Rock Show and a 4K review in Kerrang. 

Now in his early 20s, Kaye’s attention has turned to something fresh. A new identity and a new musical project called Pleasure Trap. Except this time Kaye has not confined himself to any particular sound. Genre-mashing, evocative and real, Pleasure Trap’s charming alternative pop offerings are both confessional and addictive. Much like Trap’s personality. Drawing influence from life’s many dramas, describing the world as he sees it, through a prism of angst, humour, worry and big dreams. Whilst also touching base with the destructive aspects of compulsion, love and hedonism.

This is where we arrive at the new single Remedy. Perhaps more relevant now than ever before, as we look for an escape from our realities. Unlike previous releases, Remedy shows a different side to Pleasure Trap. The real side. Combining effortless delivery, detailed vocal arrangements and brutally honest storytelling, Remedy lays bare a deep and personal tale of romance at the end of its life. Describing the song, Trap himself explains; “Remedy is about guilt. It’s about handling a break up badly, going off the rails and doing all the chaotic sh** you shouldn’t be doing to look after yourself.” .

Enough said! Check it out for yourself…