Photo : Gregory Nolan

BOOM! : Otherkin ‘Come On, Hello’

Dublin based quartet Otherkin have done it again with the new single ‘Come On, Hello’. The punchy track with swirling vocals and abrasive riffs is the next track to be released from the upcoming debut album ‘OK’ released 29th September. The lads have already had a huge year, with opening for Guns ‘N’ Roses Slane Castle show being one of the highlights as well as their own UK headline tour!

Following the release of the single and the upcoming album, GIGsoup’s Tara Atkinson got a quick chat with the Otherkin boys. Talking everything from their new music, merch and talking to aliens.

Hey guys, congratulations on the new single ‘Come On, Hello’! How does it feel to release it into the world?

We’re super pumped to finally have it out, we’ve wanted this song to be out in the public domain since the day it was recorded. I can safely say it’s one of our favourite tracks from the album, it has quite a summery vibe so we’re glad we got to release it before the good weather shags off.

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration for the track?

Good question! The track actually kind of came out of nowhere, the initial idea for the song was written right before we went into the studio. Sometimes songs just end up on your lap and there’s no escaping them, this was definitely the case with ‘Come On, Hello’. It’s more of a groover than some of our other songs, and I think that’s a direction we might go in as our sound progresses.

Your debut album ‘OK’ comes out at the end of September, how are you feeling about such a huge moment in your lives? 

It’s absolutely insane, it was a surreal moment when we finally got to hold the test press in our hands. It’s something you don’t even think you’ll ever get to do when you start a band, we’re hugely proud of the album and we’re super excited for people to finally hear it.

What can we expect from ‘OK’?

Absolutely no filler at all. We wanted the album to reflect the energy of our live show and I think we finally managed to nail that on the head. There are some slower and groovier songs, but overall it’s a pretty fast and energetic album. Throw it on at a party and get weird with it.

What’s your favourite track from the album?

That’s a toughie, but I’d probably have to go with ‘Come On, Hello’ or ‘89’.  Both of the songs share the common characteristic of being a bit more groove orientated than our usual four to floor songs. ‘89’ in particular shows a different side to the band, and a more unique sound that listeners might not expect.

You recently opened for the legendary Guns ‘N’ Roses at their Slane Castle gig, how was that?

That was the most surreal gig we’ve played, I’ve never seen a backstage operation like that at any show, those guys are the kings of this game. Overall it was an amazing experience for us, there was a never-ending sea of people and the audience was so receptive of us despite the rain. We’d take a tour with G’N’R every day of the week.

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2017 has already been a huge year for you, do you have a stand out highlight or memorable moment so far?

Finalising the album was a huge moment, having it mixed and mastered and then listening to it for the first time was a bit mind blowing. We’ve been lucky to have had some great moments like supporting G’N’R too, but if I have to pick one it’s definitely playing the Test Press of our debut album for the first time.

Your merch is truly some of the best I’ve seen in a long time, how did the ‘Bad Advice Club’ design come about?

Thank you! We just make T-Shirts we’d wanna wear ourselves, there’s nothing worse than loving a band and then their merch sucks haha. Our drummer Rob designs everything, so he either designs something rad or listens to us talk absolute garbage and tries to make sense of it via design. God bless him, patience of a saint.

You’re heading out on another headline tour following the album release, what’s your favourite and least favourite parts of tour life?

Favourite: Playing a stuffed show, followed by a heavy party. We tend to deliver on all the Irish stereotypes.

Worst: Being woke up early for travelling. Even worse when you’re hungover.

How would you describe Otherkin to an alien?

I wouldn’t. I’d capture him, and take him straight to Tom DeLonge. Could you imagine how stoked Tom would be?