BOOM! : NRVS LVRS – ‘Golden West’

NRVS LVRS may be familiar with those of you who visited GIGsoup towards the end of 2014. The San Francisco band have already achieved ‘Track of the Day’ status with previous single ‘City Lights’ and now they’re at it again with this stunning atmospheric release ‘Golden West’.

The quite beautifully directed video comes courtesy of renewed photographer Elizabeth Weinberg and can be seen above. The song is the title track of new album ‘The Golden West’, and highlights social injustice regarding housing, particularly in California, but the message certainly applies worldwide.

The band says about the track: “This is told from the point of view of someone being evicted via the Ellis Act, a law in California that allows building owners to evict all the tenants so the property can be repurposed from rental units to condominiums. We have friends this has happened to, and it hurt to see them go due to some landlord’s immoral and craven attempt at maximizing profit. They’re throwing up walls to keep us out of the very neighbourhoods we love.”

It’s a beautiful piece of music that draws from different genres (pop, indie and some dark electronica) and has a stunning climax of thrashing guitars. While the track may be short on minutes it makes up for this with its powerful instrumentation a lyrics. It’s an epic track that demands re-listen after re-listen.

San Francisco 6-piece NRVS LVRS began their journey at the beginning of 2014 when a collection of songs, written initially for the purpose of musical experimentation, found themselves at the centre of a newly forming band. The resulting group was driven by the desire of Andrew Gomez and girlfriend Bevin Lee to link their creative muses and express their thoughts and feelings on their rapidly-changing city. Circuit bent bleeps, grimy drum loops, buzzy toys, humming synths, processed handclaps, and failing 80’s keyboards are all creatively edited together with the flesh and blood sounds of guitar, bass, & drums

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NRVS LVRS - Golden West

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