BOOM! : Moviestar ‘Chosen Ones’

Their name might not give it away, but this sci-fi inspired pop-punk trio’s vision goes way beyond the limits of planet earth. Each member of Moviestar has created a unique and eccentric persona for themselves, while their music fuses pure rock n’ roll with art rock and hints of otherworldly electronica. It’s hard to describe this group in our own terms, so let’s just say we’re excited about their upcoming debut album, Stupid People/Happy Days, out on 9th February via Oh Yeah!, and leave the rest to them.

We caught up with Moviestar to talk about their influences, their new single ‘Chosen Ones’, and their upcoming album.

Could you introduce yourselves?

We are archaeologists from the future. We came to earth to save the human race and its heritage.  Our names are Infinity Vik, Anaconda and The Octopus Goddess. We are looking for The Stone which will help us prevent the metal wars from starting and thus save you present humans. We were given this holy assignment by President Supremius XIII. We were told to go back to your time, form a Rock N Roll band and bring back The Stone.

Can you explain the concept behind the band?

The concept is plain and simple; Save you guys from total annihilation, and save your arts for the children of the future. We have only got fragments of your art stored in our collections in the Library of Holy Documents on our home planet Fenris. So our mission here is to gather knowledge about you and bring you people together through the cunning use of Rock N Roll music. Love is the only answer, the Higgs boson will never be found if you do not understand this. Everyone is everything and no one is nothing.

What are some of your main inspirations?

From our libraries on Fenris we have heard great music from your times. Johann Sebastian Bach, Elvis Presley, Sergei Rachmaninoff, David Bowie, Steve Reich, Van der Graaf Generator, Terry Riley, The Cure and this awesome band called Queen. We also like movies and movie stars. Duh! Such as Stagecoach, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kramer vs. Kramer, Daniel Day-Lewis, Dr. Strangelove, Jim Carrey, The Great Dictator, Audrey Hepburn. We had those in VHS. Good format. Nice thick color and sound. Better than this thing we arrived to; flat screen 100Hz Nonsense.

Upon the release of ‘Stupid People’, you said that “When we came through the wormhole, we were shocked to see how badly people treated the earth and each other. We realised that people just don’t care!” Could you talk a bit more about that sentiment?

The current state of affairs is pretty grim. World leaders are greedy and unattached from the common public. There seems to be a epidemic spreading about in political environments where politicians think they are elected to serve the interests of corporations and business and the wealthy few, when they actually, in most countries are suppose to serve the public. Assholes. They will get their asses whipped. Trust us. 😉

What is ‘Chosen Ones’ about?

It’s a documentary song about us guys getting our mission to go through the wormhole and save you guys. Simple as that. We made it a bit anthemic to ignite some synapses in your limbic system, which is located in the temporal lobe. It’s important to not only think about firing synapses in your frontal lobes. That’s what EDM is for. God help you guys.

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Are you excited about the release of your debut album?

Little do you guys know about the impact this album will have on the shape of music in the 21 century. Little do you know how it will derail your entire music history in only a few months.

Up until the release of this seminal album, the 9th of February 2018, your music industry will do a fairly good job at restraining original and meaningful music and words from the common public. But come February the 9th; everything will change. Drastically!

Rock N Roll, has, for 65 years, been confined to your home planet Terra. Moviestar are the ones who will bring it out to space and ignited the spark which will lead to the musical revolution in the Milky Way in the early 2050’s. This again will lead to what we in the future know to be the reason for our long standing alliance within the Milky-Habitat. Through our noble actions we will help you find the path to enlightenment and prosperity. And all this through the cunning use of love and a couple of musical chords and words. How about that? Makes you think, huh?

The band’s debut album “Stupid People / Happy Days” is out 9th February via Oh Yeah!