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BOOM! : MOSES ‘Cause You Got Me’

Moses first came to GIGsoup’s notice two years ago when they were an unknown new band championed by Chris McCormack, The Professionals guitarist and organiser of Camden Rocks. Since then they have released one EP, supported several established acts, got themselves on a movie soundtrack and proved themselves to be a formidable live act. MOSES are a band that simultaneously sound both original and familiar. They now have a ‘new’ single ‘Cause You Got Me’ out and plan great things for 2019.

First recorded in 2016, ‘Cause You Got Me’ was used as the soundtrack for Camden Rocks Festival that year and now this new version produced by Gil Norton (Feeder, Pixies, Foo Fighters) has appeared on the soundtrack of Tombraider (2018). It has long been a fan favourite with its eternally singalong chorus and foot-tappingly great melody but was hard to find. Now the rerecorded version is to be released on all the usual platforms and available to the masses. We spoke to MOSES about what the future holds.

Can you introduce the people in the band and maybe their musical influences?

Well, I’m that annoying and electric voice in your head (Victor), Rory plays the guitar, Matt’s responsible with drums, and James masters the bass and dazzles the girls. Influences are quite varied for each of us, but all are part of the big alternative rock’n roll family.

We’re big fans of live instruments and stage performances that involve sweating and jumping around. If our musical influences were a big salad, you’d definitely find a lot of blues, punk, mixed with some top-knotch indie and a hint of those classical anthems that we all sing along to, no matter how drunk we are.

For those readers who don’t know you, describe your sound in four words.

Energetic, anthemic, electric, addictive.

Describe your collective attitude in just two!


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How did you manage to get the mighty Gil Norton to produce the new single?

We were lucky enough for him to like our songs. it was one of the best studio experiences we had so far and we’re incredibly honoured to have worked with such a huge talent.

Victor, your vocals are a bit softer on this version of Cause You Got Me, is your vocal style maturing?

I’m always trying to explore new areas of my voice when recording and it’s always changing depending on the song and its vibe.

What was the red carpet like at the launch of Tombraider?

It was good:)

Love the new artwork, who is the artist? Is there a band connection?

Her artist name is Ana ban ana. A friend recommended her to us. We loved her work and decided to contact her. She loved the song and there you have it – two lovely cats/hyenas grinning at you while having each other’s back.

Plans for the future, will 2019 finally be YOUR year two years after GIGSOUP expected?

Haha, I’ll not say anything, don’t wanna jinx it, but we do have some really good releases for this autumn and some amazing news for 2019.

You have already supported some terrific acts but who is the act you would love to open for?

Arctic monkeys

What message would you like to pass on to your (very patient) fans?

We love you and patience is a virtue.

Moses look set to move from eternal under-achievers to mainstream artists in 2019, get yourself a listen to the new single here: