For a band who only started their journey together earlier this year, Monico Blonde bring a mature yet fresh sound to the UK’s indie pop scene.

Hailing from South Wales, the four-piece have recently released their first single ‘Breathe,’ an energetic debut, allowing the band to mark their musical territory with some intent.

GIGsoup caught up with the band to find out about how life in the music business has been treating them thus far, and what lies ahead following the release of ‘Breathe,’ which is today’s track of the day.

You’re very much new to the scene, with debut gigs coming up at the end of the month. How long as it taken to get to this point?

We began playing together at the start of the summer, so it doesn’t look like long but it’s felt it. We’ve all been in other bands before and we’ve done every shit gig and dodgy deal going in Britain. That’s one of the reasons why we started – we know all the mistakes to avoid this time.

We’ve spent the past few months in the rehearsal room non-stop, and ‘Breathe’ was the first thing we wrote. We didn’t know what to expect when we put it out there, but people have been really digging it, which is cool.

Are you more excited or nervous to be taking your music across the country for the first time?

Excited, we’ve been getting cabin fever just practicing in a small room all the time. Gigging across the country is the best test your band can go through – you get a live response to your songs every night, and as a group spending a long time in smelly vans and risky hotels, you either bond or break.

We want to blow people away when they see us and we’re ready to do that now.

Your debut single ‘Breathe’ is packed full of energy. Is this a common theme throughout your songs?

Definitely. It came naturally from the very first practice. As soon as we started playing together it felt different. We meet several times a week and have a new song after each session – the hardest part is choosing which ones will make it into the live set.

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Are you eager to get a debut album out, or are you happy to build up slowly to it?

We’re not looking that far ahead yet. It costs a lot of money to get a single recorded and a van insured. We’ve got to get out there and make some money first. If people are buying it then we might be able to look at recording more tracks.

And following on from that, what do you have planned for 2017? Are you a band who really plans your future or do you prefer to take it day by day?

We’re taking it track by track for now. We’re going to be releasing a single before the end of the year, and a string of dates across the country with that.

We’re looking at recording another single ready for the start of 2017, but after that, who knows? We just want to get on the road and play to as many people as possible. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

BOOM! : Monico Blonde 'Breathe'

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