BOOM! : Misty Coast ‘Backseat Warriors’

Norwegian dream pop group Misty Coast deliver a sunny beam of light among the winter cold in the form of their new single ‘Backseat Warriors’. Part of their dazzlingly catchy new album ‘Melodaze’, out now via Brilliance/Moorworks, the nostalgic track wonderfully contrasts the warm, dreamy vibe of Linn Frøkedal’s ethereal vocals with the piercing wail of the shoegazy guitars. It’s an entrancing listen, and one that any dream pop fan must certainly check out.

We caught up with Misty Coast to talk about their new single, album, and future news.

How did you form Misty Coast?

We’ve been making music together for over 10 years in another band called The Megaphonic Thrift. At some point we realised that we had a catalog of really good songs that had a different taste to it than the noisy vibe of The Megaphonic Thrift. It felt like we gradually had made a new sound without even noticing it. In 2016 we called the baby Misty Coast. And the rest is history .

Do you have similar influences?

I think we are growing closer and closer when it comes to influences. Linn even learned to love japanese noise music over time. Inspiration for making music comes from more than just music. It’s from everywhere. What we read, where we travel and what we love. It’s all connected. And we do most of it together.

What can you tell us about your new song ‘Backseat Warriors’? What is it about?

Backseat Warriors captures the realities growing up in a small town. Picture siblings fighting in the back of their parents car, or teenagers getting drunk in the backseat of a pimped Volvo. The melody resembles a nursery rhyme, and we find the song kind of quirky, but very warm and catchy.

Are you excited for the release of your sophomore album?

We’re very excited for the release! This album means a lot to both of us, being made in a 2 months stay in one of our favourite cities, Berlin. With all it’s beautiful anarchy, freedom and creativity, the album has a thousand memories and stories buried in it. It’s like a snapshot of this lovely get away.

How does Melodaze compare to your previous record?

Compared to our previous album, which focused more on minimalism, drum machines, dwelling and soundscapes, Melodaze is more direct and focused on the essence of the songs. Since we made it in a limited time frame we were forced to break it down to the most important parts in every song, never saving ideas that we didn’t need. It made the album more upbeat and spicy. And it made room for some excellent drumming from our genius drummer Kim Åge Furuhaug.

What else is in store for you in 2019?

First we’re doing a norwegian release tour this spring. We’re also planning some visits to the UK and Denmark. The summer is festival season. Really looking forward to that! Come fall we are planning UK, Europe and Japan tours. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when and where!