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Hailing from Greece, psychedelic rock outfit Melt Mountain recently released their debut full-length album ‘Superfetish’ via Inner Ear, the country’s leading indie label. The new album is a follow-up to their self-titled 2014 EP and it sees the band – who have supported artists like Moon Duo – expanding their sound, blending elements of krautrock and psych pop with relatable yet bizarre lyrical subjects. The single ‘Saturdays’ is definitely a highlight of the album, a catchy and dynamic tune with infectious guitar riffs reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed with Tame Impala vibes.

GIGsoup caught up with Melt Mountain‘s Xenofon Karakonstantis (guitar, vocals) to talk about the Greek alternative music scene, the band’s new single and album, and future plans. 

How did you start writing music together? How would you describe your musical style and how did you decide on it?

Well, we’re actually all long-time childhood friends, so understanding each other and communicating musically was the easy part. The difficult part was actually providing a structure for everyone’s ideas and creativity. I’d say that describing our musical style (and any musical style for that matter) is even more difficult. Each one of us has so many different influences that it simply comes down to which artist we want to ‘mimic’ at that point in our lives. It’s really awesome though to listen to other people’s opinion on our influences. It gives us a chance to actually listen to really cool stuff.

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Do you find that it’s hard to make it as an English-speaking band in Greece? How strong is the indie community and what makes it unique?

In context of the question, something that is also really cool is that there is actually a lot of stuff around Greece to do, being such a of band. It has the same ironic quality to it as an interview in English for myself. But it exists and is thriving (says compassionate young band member). Hopefully to an extent as to actually live up to its potential! Generally speaking, the bands that exist right now have a genuine quality and sound to them so much so that it’s hard not feel good about it.

You’ve stated that your new album is “very much influenced by urban culture”. Could give us a bit more insight into the concept of the record?

It’s good that you asked that! We are going to release (pretty soon…) a clip, on a (Smash Hit!!) single from our album that has a social/urban aspect to it, dipping it’s toes into daily routine, city life and even local (Athenian) daily life. I can’t exactly say that it has a hopeful message, but lyrically I suppose we kinda captured a general feeling of discontent in living in such a great country (sic)! 

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I think the artwork illustrations, created by Never Brush My Teeth, are quite interesting. Could you talk a bit about how they came together?

So, not that I want to put the artist on the spot, but he is totally awesome! Whoever is reading this and has not been curious enough to get a closer look at his work should do so at this point. Getting on to other matters, Never Brush My Teeth is also our dear friend, who has a pseudonym that takes longer to type than it actually does to brush your teeth.

What would you say ‘Saturdays’ is about? How does it fit into the album?

In the context of the general discontent which defines the album lyrically to an extent, ‘Saturdays’ was written to describe a ‘ phase’ which a friend (or maybe even one of us) went through, kind of showing how small hiccups in life can affect your mood or temper or spirit and perhaps make you more introverted or in denial – finally add some nostalgia and there you go.

How does your new album compare to your 2014 self-titled EP?

I think the question says it all. Our album probably has more to tell than our previous release. It has more of our music. Yay! So hopefully it’ll have the same type of positive feedback as before!

What’s next for Melt Mountain? Is there anything else you would like to let our readers know?

Well, in a few days we are introducing our debut album to Athens (or so to speak) with our first gig since the release, details of which you can find on our Facebook page. Hopefully, you may see us play in the near future in some European destinations. Finally, stay classy San Diego!

“Superfetish” is out now via Inner Ear Records – Artwork by Never Brush My Teeth


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